Restore your doors beauty with a fresh coat of paint. This is a great painting project for beginners!

January 26, 2019

Sliding doors often add a beautiful element to your home. Whether they're the entrance to your backyard patio or an interior concept, these doors make a statement. That's why it's extra noticeable when the paint starts to chip or the color is outdated. Luckily for homeowners, painting sliding doors is very simple! Save the call to a professional painter and tackle this project yourself. Below, we show you our best tips and tricks to doing it right. Your doors will be restored to their original beauty in no time.

Painting Sequence for a Sliding Door

Step 1: Protect Glass

Carefully mask off the glass with blue painter's tape. If possible, mask both sides of the door and paint them as one project.

Step 2: Paint Door

Following the sequence illustrated above and beginning with the stationary panel, paint one vertical edge, then paint the top of the frame. Next paint the opposite edge and bottom of the same panel. Move the sliding section about an inch from the edge of the jamb and paint it in the same order. Leave the sliding section open until the paint dries.

Tip: Keep the Doors Moving

When painting sliding doors, keep the sliding section open until the paint dries and move it slightly about every half hour to keep the paint from forming a seal along the top and bottom tracks.

What If You Have Sliding Closet Doors?

Like any door, you can paint sliding closet doors (or pocket doors) in place, but you'll get easier application and a better-looking surface if you remove the doors. To remove sliding doors, grasp both sides of the door and lift up and push its rollers off the track.


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