How to Repair a Storm Door, From Top to Bottom

Is your storm door acting up? Try these storm door repairs before you look for a replacement. Our guide covers every part, from top to bottom.


Storm doors are a critical factor in protecting your home from the elements. But often, storm doors are made with flimsy parts. Fortunately, these parts, including the latch, hinge, and closer, are easy to repair or replace.

Try these proven repair tips if your storm door isn't working correctly. If the issue persists, you may find it worthwhile to replace the entire storm door with a more substantial and weather-resistant one.

Most repairs can be completed in an hour or so. Before you begin, check the door for binding and other obstructions that could be causing problems.

What You Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Pliers
  • Replacement parts
  • Spray lubricant

Spray the Latch

If your storm door is sticking or not closing properly, this is the first repair to make. Spray the latch and any moving parts—including where panes slide—with lubricant. Once the door works properly, spray the latch a few times a year to keep it in smooth working order.


Install Replacement Closer

Closers lose their dampening power over time. To install a replacement closer, use a drill with a screwdriver bit to attach the jamb-side bracket, then the screws that hold the closer to the door.


Adjust Closer Tension

If your door takes forever to close or if it slams shut, you may need to adjust the tension. This simple fix involves turning the adjustment screw at the end of the cylinder until the desired tension is achieved.


Tighten Piano-Type Hinge

If the door's long piano-type hinge comes loose, try driving in longer screws. You may need to drill pilot holes and drive them at an angle, so they catch solid wood.


Install Wind Chain

A wind chain keeps the door from blowing wide open, which can damage the hinge. It installs easily with a few screws. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for exact directions.

How to Replace a Corner Joint on a Storm Door


Step 1: Work Open the Joint

Storm door repairs are needed on metal storm or screen sashes that can loosen at the corners. Many joints simply pry apart; required, use a putty knife to work the joint open. With some joints, the fasteners may be held with a screw. Others are held with a crimp or two in the frame that you will have to drill out.


Step 2: Pry the Joint Open

Pry the joint completely open by twisting with a screwdriver. You may have to tap outward on the joint with a hammer to pull the corner apart.


Step 3: Find a Match

Push the old corner fasteners out of the frame with a screwdriver. Then, take parts to a home center or hardware store to find matching components. Failing that, try looking online.


Step 4: Add the Replacement

Push or tap the replacement fitting in. Replace any screws. Re-create a crimp with a hammer and a nail set.


Step 5: Push Frame onto Glass

Slip the gasket over the edges of the glass and gently push the frame onto the glass and gasket.


Step 6: Push Frame Together

Push the frame pieces together. Tap lightly with a hammer if necessary. Drive in any retaining screws.

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