Take your doors from dull to dynamite with these hints.

June 08, 2015
Mirrored Door
Create the illusion of a French door.

Q: All of my interior doors are in good condition, but they are plain hollow-core doors with no architectural interest. Is there any way to update these without replacing them? --Diane

A: One of the quickest, least expensive ways to jazz up many dull parts of a home is by adding moldings, and dull doors are no exception. Millwork installed as a crown molding or chair rail can give a plain, square room architectural character, and crown moldings added to the top of cabinetry create instant appeal. Both plain flush doors and dull cabinet doors get a quick facelift with the addition of decorative moldings. It's a quick job -- and costs only a few dollars per door -- to add a square molding design in the center of the door. For an extra splash of interest, you could paint the newly separated areas of the door with different colors. Look for appropriate moldings at home centers, or shop at online retailers such as Rockler.com, which sells door trim kits that include pre-mitered corner pieces to make the job even simpler.


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