Door Repairs & How-To

If your home's doors are warped, worn, or tired-looking, it might be time to upgrade from bland to grand. Get your interior and exterior doors in tip-top shape with our helpful how-tos and solutions for common door problems. Whether your door squeaks or begs for a fresh coat of finish, you can solve your home's door dilemmas quickly and effectively without calling an expert.

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How to Install a Prehung Door

Prehung doors are some of the easiest doors to install, but they still require precision. Our guide shows you the best way to install this type of door and how to make the job go smoothly.
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How to Paint Sliding Doors

Restore your doors beauty with a fresh coat of paint. This is a great painting project for beginners!
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How to Repair Storm Doors

Is your storm door acting up? Try these simple repairs before you look for a replacement. We'll show you how to spray the latch, replace the closer, and more.
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How to Install Door and Window Casing

Casing is a multi-purpose feature in your home. See all it does and how to install it with our expert advice.
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Must-Know Tips for Installing Doors

If you're looking to add or replace a door, you're in the right place. We'll introduce you to different door types, framing ideas, and installation tips.
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Choosing Door Materials: Interior and Exterior Doors

Find tips and information on hollow-core flush interior doors, stamped interior hardwood interior doors, medium-density fiberboard, solid-core flush exterior doors, fiberglass, wood-panel, stave core, steel exterior and more.
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More Door Repairs & How-To

How to Change a Doorknob

Replacing a doorknob is an easy do-it-yourself project. To replace a doorknob in your home, follow these steps.
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Troubleshooting Door Hinge Problems

Having trouble with your door? Chances are it's a hinge problem. Here's how to fix it.