Small Deck Furniture Ideas that Maximize Every Inch of Space

Make the most out of your small deck with these helpful tips and tricks for creating a comfortable summer oasis.

The summer months are made for outdoor entertaining, and seating for guests is essential. But don't fret if you have a small deck. There are simple furniture layouts, styles, and materials that can help maximize your deck space.

How you arrange your small deck furniture can make or break the traffic flow of your outdoor space. Outdoor furniture arrangements set up to encourage conversation are key, as well as comfortable seating that can withstand the elements. Even narrow decks can be a great spot to entertain guests with a few clever furniture tricks. Whether you opt for symmetrical seating or select furniture that's open and airy, there are many ways to optimize your small deck.

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Small Deck Furniture Arranging

When arranging furniture on a small deck, the goal is to make the space functional. Too much furniture can quickly overwhelm a space, while too little furniture might appear sparse or uninviting. Keep your small deck comfortable with symmetrical seating. For example, place an outdoor sofa at the center, then place matching chairs on either side. This is an easy outdoor furniture arranging trick that seats guests directly across from another for conversation. Make sure to leave enough floor space for traffic flow so guests can come and go as needed without tripping over any hazards.

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Small Deck Storage

A slim console table can easily transform into an entertainment addition for your small deck. Station it across from your small deck seating area to maximize space. Place cups and glasses on the shelves and large bottles on the bottom. Include an ice bucket so guests won't have to walk in and out of your house for snacks and drinks. Or use the small storage unit as a potting bench that holds planters and garden hand tools.

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Furniture Tips for Narrow Decks

If you're cramped for space on a narrow deck, grab two slim chairs and center them around a small side table. The accent table acts as a focal point and the chairs visually balance the small space. Look for narrow furniture designs with slim legs, like bistro chairs.

For decks that lean on the extremely small side, try getting your furniture off the floor. Hanging furniture, like swings and egg chairs, provides a spot to read a book or relax without taking up floor space. It also creates the illusion that a small deck is larger than it is without bulky furniture taking up square footage.

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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Fabrics

Once you've decided which type of small deck furniture is right for your space, it's important to consider the type of fabric. When shopping for the perfect cushions or pillows, look for water-resistant or waterproof fabrics. Water-resistant fabrics only repel water while water-proof fabric provides a complete water barrier. If your small deck is open to the elements, opt for furniture fabrics and pillows that are waterproof. Water-resistant fabrics work great if your deck is covered or the climate you live in experiences minimal precipitation.

Deck with wooden floor and marble table
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After you've decided whether waterproof or water-resistant fabrics are better for your deck, there are a few materials to consider. Acrylic, polyester, and vinyl fabrics each have their pros and cons. On the lower end of the price scale, printed acrylic and polyester fabrics are cheaper but their colors will fade faster. Vinyl fabrics are often coated in a color and are very affordable, but have limited uses. The last option is solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, which are brighter in color but more expensive and not waterproof.

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