12 Ways to Outfit a Small Deck

Bring big style to a small deck or patio with these simple, space-savvy accessories and decorating ideas.

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    Create a Petite Powerhouse

    On a deck where space is limited, accessories like chairs that tuck beneath a table, a right-size grill, plus railing and vertical planters need to do more with a small footprint.

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    Look to Walls

    The trick to expanding space in a small area is going vertical. Living wall planters do just that. The divided trays hung in wooden frames create an artlike display while freeing space on the patio or deck.

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    Add a Water Feature

    Create a small container water feature for your deck or patio in a few easy steps.

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    Let the Good Times Roll

    It's easy to roll this vertical beverage storage to the perfect spot when hosting guests. The top bin holds ice and cold drinks, while a shelf and lower cubby offer space for napkins, plates, mixers, and other bar necessities.

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    Arrange to Save Space

    Maximize space on a small deck or patio by placing furniture around the perimeter. This will free up floor space at the center and create more standing room.

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    Use Multitasking Furniture

    No space is wasted with this table for two. The round chairs tuck beneath the table, disappearing into the oval shape of the synthetic-wicker dining set. Durable upholstered cushions handle the weather as well as a spill or two.

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    Plan for Entertainment

    If you like to host outdoor gatherings, consider choosing furniture that can easily transition from one setting into another. This dining table moonlights as a buffet during outdoor get-togethers. The oval design takes up minimal floor space while offering enough surface area for food and beverages.

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    Introduce a Fire Element

    Fire pits are the center of attention on grand decks and patios, and the same can be true in a petite outdoor area. Tabletop fire pits add warmth and a soft glow without any need for firewood.

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    Turn Up the Heat

    This funky, colorful charcoal grill delivers space-saving fun. Perfect for preparing dinner for two to four people, the cone-shape cooker features clever storage hooks for stowing cooking utensils.

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    Illuminate Your Space

    A festive glow wakes up any space -- large or small. These handblown glass lights operate on solar power, keeping
    the eco-friendly light burning well into
    the night.

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    Grow an Instant Garden

    The closest garden may be three stories down, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the sights and smells of summer blooms. Plastic railing planters host your favorite flowers while dressing up an often unsightly safety feature.

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    Add Flair Underfoot

    A high-style synthetic area rug is the ideal way to expand a small space. A colorful, well-fitting rug anchors the furnishings and provides interiorlike appeal that can withstand the elements.

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