Built-In Seating Solutions for Your Deck or Patio

If you're tired of replacing expensive patio furniture year after year, consider these built-in outdoor seating solutions. These creative benches help define the borders of outdoor rooms and create comfortable seating.

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    L-Shape Bench

    Built-in outdoor benches like this one provide plenty of seating for al fresco entertaining. Built around an established fir tree, it contributes to the structure's clean, angular sensibility, and the linear slats quickly disperse rain.

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    Curved Bench

    A curved rail and cantilevered bench wrap around this deck, creating a pleasing addition to the rectangular backyard.

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    Garden Seating

    Two built-in wood benches provide the perfect spot for enjoying the lush garden that crowns the courtyard. A fan on a cantilevered beam cools the seating area on hot summer days.

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    Trellis Seating Area

    A need for privacy inspired this unique deck with a curved-trellis seating area. The built-in bench follows the curve of the trellis and establishes the space as a destination for relaxation.

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    Handcrafted Bench

    Constructed from scrap cedar, a built-in bench provides a convenient, custom-made element that contributes to the deck's well-crafted character.

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    Mahogany Benches

    Featuring a concrete foundation paved with flagstone, this deck offers a classic Arts and Crafts setting for a spectacular view. Mahogany benches provide easy seating for entertaining and serve as railings around two of the deck's edges.

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    Low Seating

    Low built-in benches function as seating and an edge barrier for this railing-free deck.

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    Corner Bench

    Warmed from above by a propane heater, a built-in corner bench offers cushioned comfort, storage in an underneath cabinet, and a view of the surrounding yard. A widely spaced lattice screen offers privacy while still allowing a breezy openness.

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    Fire-Pit Benches

    Built-in benches around a fire pit offer the perfect spot for relaxing day or night.

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    Stone-Wall Seating

    This stone wall provides additional seating and spirals into a small water feature that's 18 inches in diameter.

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    Deck-Perimeter Seating

    Built-in bench seating and planters help define this deck's perimeter.

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    Deck Conversation Area

    Built-in benches form a cozy conversation area on this multipurpose deck. The coffee table is built of the same materials to give the design continuity.

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    Low-Maintenance Seating

    The concrete and brick used to create this handsome patio seating area are low-maintenance materials that resist the effects of wind, water, and temperature changes. The washed-aggregate surface of the concrete doesn't need sealing.

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    Outdoor Kitchen Seating

    Built-in benches provide extra seating and waterproof storage to this outdoor kitchen.

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    Pretty Curved Bench

    Built-in planters and side tables flank this deck dominated by a curved bench. The bench is constructed from green 1x2 clear cedar planks, and the planters are made from tongue-and-groove cedar.

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    Well-Designed Benches

    A series of small, multilevel decks connect intimate niches and various outdoor rooms, including this fire pit with built-in benches, much like interior hallways connect the spaces inside a home.

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    Integrated Planters

    Plantings at the edges of the deck make this seating area a popular outdoor gathering spot. Carefully chosen containers cover the edges of the structure and create a transition into the surrounding landscape.

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