Modular Deck Tile Patterns

Modular wooden decking squares transform a worn patio into a rich-looking hardwood surface in a snap.

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    Click-Together Decking

    Like putting together an easy puzzle, these modular wooden decking squares snap into place. Available in four wood types, this new deck will stand up for many years with proper maintenance.

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    Deck Pattern: Long Lines

    For small decks, consider installing modular wood decking with long lines. This will give the illusion of more space.

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    Deck Pattern: Vertical Change

    Create visual interest by switching the direction of the modular wood decking. Try using the pattern as a border around the perimeter of your deck.

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    Deck Pattern: Herringbone

    A herringbone pattern is reminiscent of old English style. Using modular wood decking gives you the ability to create a custom pattern.

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    Deck Wood Types

    The type of wood you use to build your deck should be given careful consideration. The modular wood decking pieces shown here are available in four wood types: Ipe, jarrah, grapia, and curupay.

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    Deck Wood Strength

    Known for their strength and durability, dense exotic hardwoods also resist insects and rot. These modular deck tiles are made to withstand exposure to extreme temperatures.

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    Deck Wood Maintenance

    Modular wood is easy to take care of if you know how to do it. To keep your decking looking its best, allow it to fade naturally by leaving it unfinished. All four woods soften to a silvery gray, similar to cedar.

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