Privacy Solutions for Your Deck

Find deck design ideas for adding privacy--fences, walls, or trees and shrubs.

Asian-Inspired Panels

A raised platform deck brings a touch of Asian style to this rural location. Opaque acrylic replaces traditional rice paper in the screen panels and brings a serene intimacy to the space.

Curved Trellis

A need for privacy inspired this curved trellis sitting area (the property overlooks a neighbor's two-story home at street level). Acting as a wall, the trellis provides separation from the outside world without impeding daylight or airflow. A built-in bench follows the curve of the trellis and establishes the space as a destination for relaxation.

Your Deck Shouldn't Leave You Feeling Exposed

Privacy will help you feel more comfortable and at home on your deck because you won't feel exposed to neighbors, the sidewalk, or the street.

Building the deck on an unexposed side of the house may solve privacy problems. If your yard doesn't offer an architectural fix, add screening: a privacy fence, a wall, or trees and shrubs.

Be sure to place screens strategically. Stand on your deck and locate the spots where other people can see you. Then block the most revealing views first. Try to enhance your privacy without barricading yourself in.

On the following pages, you'll see great ideas for solving deck privacy issues.

Lattice Fence

Adding privacy along a property line can be tricky; your neighbors might not like the look of their side of your solid fence. Let lattice come to your rescue. It looks a lot friendlier, especially when hung with a flowering vine.

Custom Privacy Structure

This small but effective privacy screen was integral to the original design of the deck and railing system. It is supported by extra-long railing posts. This circle-top screen is equally pleasant to look at from the nearby neighbor's point of view (a curved surface always softens the effect of a structure).

Privacy Fence

This rustic fence provides privacy while the homeowner grabs a nap in the hammock. Plan carefully for solid fences--you don't want the feeling of barricading yourself in. Make sure you're not blocking your own views.

High Walls with Plant Appeal

Spaces planned for activities such as reading, conversation, sunbathing, or meditation should be well screened. Build walls or high fences, like the one shown here, then soften the look with climbing vines and thoughtful plant arrangements.

A Softer Look

Billowing curtains of weather-resistant fabric provide shade as well as privacy.

Defined Private Space

Seclusion in this spa is ensured with an overhead pergola, wire-mesh screening, and lush foliage.

Opaque Acrylic Panels

Clear acrylic plastic panels were roughed up on one side with an orbital sander. The result is a softer, but still private, barrier. When the translucent panels are illuminated at night, the light is diffused, giving the panels an interesting texture.

Pergola Privacy

A pergola sets apart an area for dining and establishes a relaxed sense of outdoor privacy.

Widely Spaced Lattice

The lattice screen on this comfy deck provides definition without disturbing the view of the adjacent garden. The widely spaced lattice offers privacy while still allowing a breezy openness.

Simple but Effective Lattice Screen

A screen doesn't have to be substantial to be effective. This simple screen is made of open lattice yet provides a comfortable feeling of enclosure and privacy.

Trellis with Glass Blocks

A trellis along one side of this deck is punctuated by glass blocks, creating a unique privacy screen. The blocks were salvaged from an old dairy scheduled for demolition. The homeowner experimented with the pattern before tucking the blocks in here and there, leaving some openings to filter afternoon sun and wind without reducing light or fresh air.

Hanging Wall of Windows

This outdoor garden haven shields guests from the sun with a pergola. A clever hanging wall of windows offers privacy.

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