18 Deck Privacy Ideas to Create a Secluded Backyard Retreat

Turn your backyard into a private oasis with our tips for creating a secluded spot.

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Your deck should be your outdoor oasis, and a lack of privacy can throw off the whole feeling. Whether dealing with neighbors nearby, traffic noise, or an unsightly view, these deck privacy ideas offer simple solutions for a more secluded outdoor space. Turn your deck or patio into a private, relaxing retreat with these easy projects and tips.

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Create the Lush Look

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Ideal for warm-winter climates, leafy tropical plants make a lush screen and an almost instant backyard privacy idea. However, even gardeners in the North can enjoy these fast-growing, big-leaf plants. Grow them as houseplants and move them in and out each season, or treat them as exotic annuals.

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Add a Wall

outdoor deck sitting area with tall fencing
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A privacy fence is one of the most common ways to block a view. Here, a simple fence caps off a backyard retreat, providing a perfect, secluded gathering space. A series of container gardens soften the deck, making it even more inviting.

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Plant Trees

garden bed in front of rear deck
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A few small trees dotted around the edge of your deck create a soft, leafy curtain without taking up too much space in the yard. Add drama and interest by selecting different types of trees. For example, small maples (such as Amur maple) provide bold fall colors, while crabapples offer springtime blooms.

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Split the View

wood deck furniture with raised garden beds
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If blocking the view of your entire deck isn't possible, work on a section of it. Here, a vegetable garden and grasses create a beautiful focal point that draws your eye away from the more visible deck areas behind it. Planting the garden close to the stairs is a deck privacy idea that helps the deck feel more intimate and secluded.

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Create a Canopy

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A traditional awning offers protection from the blazing summer sun and the neighbors' second-floor windows. Awnings come in a range of styles and options, including retractable types that you can unroll whenever you want. Choose a fabric that complements your home and landscaping for a deck privacy idea that adds style and function.

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Add Height with Hedges

outdoor furniture sitting area of deck tree privacy
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If a fence isn't possible, create deck privacy with a border of tall hedges. Not only will they block views, but they also help tame high winds and buffer noise. Varieties like Juniper and Japanese Euonymus grow fast and respond well to pruning.

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Mix and Match

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Deck privacy ideas can include both store-bought and natural solutions. This outdoor family hangout benefits from a traditional white fence, a fireplace wall, and container gardens at various heights. Tall trees surrounding the deck cloak the space in shade and block views of nearby neighbors.

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Incorporate a Tree

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Instead of clearing the ground when you add a deck, take advantage of what's already there. An established tree, for example, helps give the deck more privacy by creating a soft, natural canopy. Lush plantings around the edge of the deck also soften the edges and make it feel more secluded.

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Build a Trellis

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Break up the line of sight by building a trellis on the deck railing. Although it won't offer complete privacy, a patterned wood trellis is a decorative element for your backyard and creates a sense of coziness. Plant shrubs or a hedge along the side of the deck to further block the view.

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Supplement with an Umbrella

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An umbrella might be all you need to bring a sense of privacy to your outdoor patio. Place the umbrella against an existing fence or shrubbery to extend the view-blocking capabilities. You can easily adjust the angle to block the sun or protect from prying eyes.

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Hang Outdoor Curtains

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Hang curtains from your deck's pergola to instantly give your outdoor living space a more intimate feel. You can also pull them closed on warm summer days to help block the sun and keep you cool. Choose curtains in a sturdy outdoor fabric that will stand up well in all types of weather.

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Use Your House

picket fence entry to deck backyard garden
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When deciding where to place a deck, look at the lines of your home. Some spots offer more privacy than others, so choose a corner or side of the house that's most out-of-the-way. Extending the roofline of this home over the deck helps the area look as if it's always been part of the landscape.

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Utilize Evergreens

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Dense evergreen trees are first-rate picks for creating privacy. They block any view, help filter noise, and offer a lush, green backdrop. There's an evergreen for almost every garden; they come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, including columnar types that grow no more than 2 feet across.

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Add a Roof

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A pergola is an outdoor privacy idea that can do triple duty for your deck. Beyond helping your space feel cozier, a pergola creates shade and adds interest. Enhance the structure with hanging baskets, planters, or light fixtures to turn your deck into an attractive living space.

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Surround the Space

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Combine a pergola and a trellis to section off your deck space. Even though this trellis doesn't completely block the view beyond, it provides enough protection to make the deck more enjoyable. Plant vines along the deck line and watch as they wind their way up the trellis over the seasons.

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Embrace Vines

outdoor sitting area wooden roof top
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Vines are the ultimate plant for providing privacy. Here, a hearty vine forms a lush roof over this small deck. It also provides an extra privacy "wall" as it scrambles up the support posts and pergola.

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Add the Sound of Water

outdoor dining table built in fountain
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Background noise from a busy street can be just as annoying as seeing your neighbor's weedy backyard. Solve this problem by adding a fountain or other water feature to your deck. Even a gentle trickle of water can make a big difference in how much you enjoy your time outdoors.

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Add a Touch of Fabric

porch sitting area with white wicker furniture

Check out the variety of outdoor-friendly fabrics to create a DIY privacy screen. Sheets of material sewn like curtains and hung from curtain rods or wire are quick and easy to assemble. Plus, they're inexpensive, so you can create a couple of options to change according to the season or your mood.

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