Deck Storage Ideas

firewood storage

Make the most of your outdoor space with these deck storage ideas that organize entertaining essentials, pool toys, gardening supplies, and more.

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Rethink a Bar Cart

bar cart

Utilize a rolling cart for double-duty deck storage and a side table surface on the go. The bottom shelf can hold potted plants, candles, or entertaining accessories, while the top level provides a serving surface or a place to set a glass. Because it's on wheels, the cart can be moved to accommodate any outdoor activity.

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Gardening Center

bright green China cabinet made into a garden center

Repurpose a desk-armoire unit as an outdoor storage chest. The combination of closed and open storage is perfect for the variety of supplies used in the garden. Hooks within the cabinet doors hold trowels and small hand tools, while heavy-duty hardware on the side of the unit provides a place to coil a hose. A large open base cabinet provides plenty of storage space for soil and dirty boots.

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Grab and Go

Deck Storage

Use an empty area on your home's exterior to store outdoor supplies. Simple hooks hold plastic bins and lawn chairs for easy access. Sticker labels make easy work of sorting and organizing your supplies. Need your supplies to travel with you? Simply take the plastic bin from the hook and go.

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Pop-Up Surface

deck table

Add extra surface space to your deck with an over-the-rail countertop. Use the surface as a serving station, a place to display potted plants, or a work surface. Scoot deck furniture close to the railing to use the countertop as a dining area. Make sure to find a surface that is weather-resistant and can easily be wiped clean.

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Flip-Flop Drop

flip flop bin storage

If you have a backyard pool, leave a deck storage box by the door to hold flip-flops. Placing them in the bin keeps everything neat and makes shoes easy to find before a day of outdoor fun. Keeping shoes handy also prevents dirty feet from tracking into the house.

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Party Station

Garden Potting Bench

Turn a potting bench into a party station perfect for outdoor entertaining. Smart storage solutions, like a rolling baker's rack below and covered containers to keep things clean, outfit this piece with everything needed for a gathering. During cooler months, use the deck storage idea to store gardening materials you plan to reuse in the spring.

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Two in One

towel storage

When shopping for deck furniture, look for pieces that offer extra storage—in addition to appealing style and material. If you have a pool deck, employ storage pieces that keep swimming gear near the water. This wicker coffee table features an inlaid glass top; the open space underneath is the perfect pool deck storage space for towels.

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Grilling Supplies

grilling storage

Attach casters to the bottom of a kitchen cabinet for a movable wooden deck box. The flat top provides an extra work surface, and the inside holds everything you need for grilling while keeping supplies dry. Attach hooks to the side of the unit to hang cooking utensils.

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Cute Catchall

garden pail storage

Sort outdoor supplies into large labeled containers for easy cleanup and transport. These deck storage containers create an easy-to-follow organization system. Place the containers on a garden bench or under deck seating to keep them out of the way until needed.

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Deck Storage Makeover

outdoor storage

Repurpose an old cabinet to create a deck storage unit that holds outdoor toys, games, and accessories. Keep items that shouldn't get wet inside closed storage areas and leave the open storage for plastic toys and pool supplies. Attach hooks on the wall nearby to create an outdoor entry setup.

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Terraced Storage

terra cotta pots storage

Use a ladder bookcase (or build your own) to store flowerpots of all sizes on your deck or patio. Save the narrow top shelves for small stacks of pots, and the lower shelves for large and wide pots. The outdoor storage solution keeps pots organized and handy for potting. This deck storage idea can also transfer well as an under-deck storage solution.

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Traveling Table

storage cart

Use a rolling cart with an attached folding tabletop to make outdoor dining easy. Store dishware and utensils below and use the top of the cart for serving. Eating lunch on the deck with a friend? Extend the side panels to create a small bistro table.

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Hose Holder

water hose storage in pot

Make hose storage on the deck look a little neater with a round basin. Some plastic containers are sold specifically for hose storage, but glazed terra-cotta pots or plastic baskets can serve the same purpose. Coiling the hose inside the container also discourages the line from getting tangled or kinked.

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Decked Out Furniture

chair handle storage

Add extra storage to outdoor furniture with over-arm cloth storage pockets. Larger pockets are perfect for holding your bird book and binoculars, while smaller pockets can hold bug spray and sunscreen. If everyone has their own specific seat on the deck, this storage provides the perfect place for favorite outdoor supplies.

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Hidden Storage

built in bench storage

If you're remodeling your deck, consider built-in deck benches with storage underneath. This deck storage idea eliminates the need for a waterproof deck box. The space under the bench seat can hold cushions on a rainy day or extra flowerpots or outdoor blankets for cooler summer nights. This type of storage doesn't take up much floor space, saving room for a dining table, grill, or even more seating.

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Fire Fuel

firewood storage

Use a small strip of wall space off the deck for firewood storage. It gives interest to the wall while keeping enough wood handy for one or two fires. Try to hang the hooks on a wall under an overhang to keep the wood dry so it can be used at any time. As you use the wood, replace it with new logs to keep the supply going.

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