A new survey finds nearly 25% of homeowners plan to take this on.

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What's on your 2018 home improvement project pipeline? Garage-to-guest-house transformation? Bedroom overhaul? Kitchen remodel?

According to HomeAdvisor's 2018 True Cost Report, bathroom renovations are on the upswing. Nearly a quarter of the 1,000+ homeowners surveyed said they plan to remodel their bathroom this year. The online home services platform also found that 15% of those surveyed plan to overhaul their kitchen.

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"There’s a trend of creating a spa feel in the bathroom," HomeAdvisor's chief economist, Brad Hunter, told Realtor.com, adding that many people are foregoing bathtubs for walk-in showers.  

"People are putting in speakers so they can have music playing in the living room also playing in the bathroom," Hunter says. "You can even have a TV built into your mirrors.” According to the report, the national average bathroom remodel cost is $9,742. 

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