Use this calculator to estimate the numbers of edgers to use for your yard.


Perimeter length, in lineal feet Type of edging (check one) Brick or paver "soldiers," using 4 1/4"-wide pavers set with the width facing the patio surface. Brick or paver "soldiers," using 2 3/8"-thick pavers set with the thickness facing the patio surface Stone edging, with 8" average length of stone Number of edging pieces needed:

Please note: For your convenience, this calculation has been rounded up slightly.

Important reminder: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this calculation. But before purchasing materials for any project, please check amounts with your suppliers or contractors.

Helpful Information

How many edgers will you need for your yard? Use edging to form the border of a patio or walkway, or to retain soil for a flower bed. Measure the perimeter, rounding up to the nearest foot. If a patio abuts the house, you may or may not want to put edging there.

A few tips: If you use 4x4s, landscaping timbers, or strip edging (either plastic or metal), figuring how many you need is simple, since these come in 6-foot sections, or longer. If you choose 4" X 12" edger block, you need one block per foot of running perimeter.


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