Measuring Materials

Whether you're painting, installing new flooring, or purchasing lumber, you'll need to take careful measurements to make sure you get the size and quantity of materials right. Before you go to the home improvement store to purchase building materials, use our calculators to estimate what you need. Save yourself the hassle of buying too much and wasting money or buying too little and having to return to the store to get more. Nail your next remodeling project with our easy-to-use tools that calculate just how much of each material you'll need.

Most Recent

Tile Calculator
Use this calculator to estimate the amount of tile you'll need for a particular job. Simply enter the square footage for your project and the dimensions of each individual tile.
Closet Capacity Calculator
Make the most of your closet with this helpful estimator.
Vinyl Sheet Flooring
Calculate the amount of vinyl flooring (also known as resilient flooring) you'll need.
Window Air Conditioner Size Calculator
What size window air conditioner unit do you need? This estimator will help you assess the right model for your room.
Picket Fencing Calculator
Use this calculator to estimate the materials needed for a picket fence.

More Measuring Materials

Patio Edgers Calculator
Use this calculator to estimate the numbers of edgers to use for your yard.
Paint and Stain Calculator
Use our painting calculator to take the guesswork out of buying supplies. This free paint estimator tool is a great way to make sure you don't buy too much or too little product for your next paint project. Plus, you can use it to figure out your average paint job cost per square foot.