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How do I remove a large bathroom mirror that has possibly been glued to the wall? I am planning to repaint the wall and replace the mirror with a smaller decorative one.


Mirrors that are attached to the wall can be tricky. The first thing is safety: You should have some type of eye and hand protection. You can get an inexpensive pair of rubber-dipped gloves that will make it possible for you hold onto the mirror while taking it down. Be careful if you're using a metal pry bar, which will either instantly shatter the mirror or push into your sheetrock wall. Use a flexible putty knife and work your way around all of the edges you can, and try to separate the mirror from the wall. You want to be careful, and two people are better than one for holding the mirror and working around it. We have also used a glass suction cup (which you can rent from a local equipment rental place) to pull on the mirror. And if it just doesn't want to budge, I would recommend having a glass company come to remove it. Even with a professional doing it, there is more than likely going to be some wall repair -- the silicone or glue usually tears the paper off the drywall.

Answered by: Travis Blake, Certified Remodeler, NARI

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Travis Blake is a certified remodeler with NARI who has been working in the remodeling industry for 22 years. He currently is the project manager for Maine Properties, Inc., a successful remodeling and property management company in Scarborough, Maine. Travis is a nationally certified door and window installer in addition to his considerable experience in all other aspects of remodeling.

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