DIY Toolbox: Safety Tools

Work gloves
No matter what other tools you buy, the following are essential for your health and safety. Don't leave the hardware store without these aides.

Safety Glasses

These AO safety glasses are light, stylish, wraparound affairs that look more like designer sunglasses than the bug-eye goggles of just a few years ago. They can also be ordered with tinted lenses for outdoor work.

Dust Mask

Sawing, sanding, scraping, and drilling create dust that can lead to lung disease, cancer, lead poisoning, and other serious ailments. Strap one of these nearly weightless AO masks to your face before using any tools that generate dust. They're so inexpensive you'll want to store a mask with every dust-producing tool you own so you¿ll always have one on hand.

Ear Protectors

Essential to prevent hearing loss when using loud tools such as power saws, you'll find these AO protectors so comfortable, and the quiet so welcome, that you'll use them to hush the buzz of sanders and powered lawn tools, too. In-ear designs are available as well as the over-ear, muff-style protectors shown. Both are effective; choice is a matter of preference.

Work Gloves

These protect your hands from nicks, cuts, and abrasions and give you a firm, comfortable, no-slip grip. Old-style leather-and-canvas gloves with floppy cuffs can slip off or get caught in machinery. These gloves feature split-leather palms, a stretchy spandex back, and adjustable wrist closures for a safe, snug fit.

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