DIY Toolbox: Jigsaws

Show off your crafting curves with a jigsaw at your side. In true DIY fashion, we got down and dirty testing various models to find our favorites.

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    Black & Decker

    The Black & Decker costs $44 and is the lightest jigsaw at only 1lbs. It comes with one blade, a charger, and is easy to use because it's cordless and compact. Buy your own at

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    The Bosch, which is best for cutting through all types of materials, is priced at $159, weighs 6 lbs. and comes with three blades, a carrying case, no-mar overshow, and an antisplinter insert. Get one for yourself by visiting

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    The Craftsman is a great buy at $59.99 and is an easy-to-use and affordable jigsaw for beginners. At 7 lbs., the tool also comes with two blades, a hex key, and a 1 1/4 vac adapter. Get a Craftsman at

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    This jigsaw is priced at $99, weighs 6.2 lbs., and comes with one blade and a tool kit. But the best thing about this tool: It's super easy to change the blade. Get one for yourself at

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    The Festool jigsaw will set you back $310, but makes up for the price by coming with two multipurpose wood blades, a chip guard, a plug-it power cord, a splinter guard, and a systainer. Plus it only weighs 5.29 lbs. and the splinter and chip guards keep surfaces clean. Get a Festool at

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    The Rockwell jigsaw costs $159, weighs 5 lbs., and is super low profile and compact. It also comes with three T-shank blades, a carrying case, a blade guard, and an allen key. Get your own at

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    Get more for your money with the Ryobi, which costs just $49. Weighing 5.7 lbs., this jigsaw also comes with a multipurpose blade, an antisplinter insert, a vacuum attachment, and a tool bag and features a laser and LED light. Find this tool at

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