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What can you tell me about copper ceilings? We live in a 1911 hip-roofed bungalow with 10-foot-4-inch ceilings. It has a mud sill foundation, so small cracks in the ceiling are pretty common. We are thinking about doing a ceiling of woven copper flashing (4 -- inch to 6-inch widths) with a light patina to get rid of the visual eyesore created by the cracks. I have two questions: Does this sound like a reasonable ceiling treatment? And what do you see as the potential pitfalls in this?


A copper ceiling would look great, and it would hide the small cracks in your existing ceiling. There are many new products on the market that will give you that effect; just follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation, or hire a professional to install it for you.

Answered by: Allison Guido, Certified Remodeler, National Association of the Remodeling Industry

About Allison:

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