You can never be too safe.

By Hannah Bruneman
Household Hacker

How many times have you been able to get into a locked room? Probably quite a few, especially in your younger, more mischievous days. Locking the doors at night just doesn't cut it anymore when it comes to protecting yourself and your family. So, take the initiative and improve the security of your home by using these home security life hacks we found from Household Hacker. Give these a try soon – better safe than sorry!

1. Binder Shelf

Household Hacker

Hide expensive valuables, such as tablets and cameras, from plain sight so thieves can't get to them. One way to do this is by creating a secret compartment that is hidden by plastic binders. No one would shuffle through boring office supplies when looking for something good to steal.

2. Break Down Your Boxes

Household Hacker

When you leave large cardboard boxes on the curb to recycle you're really just advertising that big new TV you have in your living room. Take the time to break down those boxes and fit them in the recycle bin. Burglars will be less intrigued to give your home a surprise visit.

3. Cabinet Alarm

Household Hacker

We all know those house guests who are a little too curious. Deter snoopy visitors from peeking in your medicine cabinet by installing a DIY alarm. All you have to do is transfer the speaker system from a musical greeting card to your bathroom cabinet. The surprise song will alert you when the cabinet door is being opened.

4. Cardboard Cutout

Household Hacker

You already know not to leave a sign on the door informing neighbors that you are on vacation. Go the extra mile by making burglars think you are still at home! Before you pack your bags, make a cardboard cutout of yourself and place it in front of a window with the curtains closed. The shadow will make it look like a full house!

5. Dog Warning


This one is simple. Put a "Beware of Dog" sign in your front window. This simple warning, even if you're more of a cat person, will make a stranger think twice before entering your home.

6. Reinforce Window Locks


Windows, especially on the first floor, are easy access points into your home. If they aren't alarmed, they can be a serious danger. Prevent break-ins by putting a dowel rod on the inside; a thief won't be able to lift the window with that strong reinforcement.

All these hacks are inexpensive and easy to do, so you should get started on them today! Watch the video from Household Hacker for instructions on how to secure your home below:

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September 12, 2018
PLEASE,don't put up a Beware of Dog sign if you do own a dog. This will leave you liable if the dog ever bites someone. The courts will say that you had prior knowledge that the dog was vicious. Put up a DOG ON PREMISES instead.