Tips for planning what comes first, then second, for a timely and efficient renovation.

August 26, 2015
Siegel Residence

Q: I have an adjoining living room, dining room, and kitchen. I want to do the following tasks: 1 Remove the carpeting and redo existing hardwood floors. 2 Paint the living room and dining room. 3 Redo the kitchen with new cabinets, etc.

Would this be the best order, considering that the rooms are close together and given the dust, debris, etc.?

A: You might want to change to this order: 1 Redo the kitchen. 2 Sand wood floors. 3 Paint the living room and dining room. 4 Apply finish to the wood floors.

Do the kitchen first because that work will create the most dust and debris, which you won't want landing on new paint or finish jobs. It's always a good idea to isolate any demolition mess by putting clear plastic over doorways or pass-throughs.

If you need to sand wood floors before you apply a new finish, take care of this dirty chore early on. After sanding is done, give the kitchen and adjoining rooms a vigorous cleaning before moving on to the next phase of your project.

Be sure to put down paint drop cloths or use the old carpeting as a drop cloth before painting the walls.

Give the wall finish time to fully harden before applying the new finish to the wood floors.


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