The 8 Best Tool Kits of 2023 for All Your Home Repairs

The 322-piece WorkPro W009037A Home Repair Hand Tool Set is our top pick for the best tool kits of 2023.

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The Best Tool Kits 2022


Beyond furniture and furnishings, every home should be equipped with one of the best tool kits for those emergency fixes and DIY projects that will inevitably crop up. Whether you’re putting up shelves, curtain rods, picture frames, or building flat-pack furniture, you’ll need a set of tools that can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

We asked Jason Kazakos, Managing Director of Zebra Home Improvement Limited, about what factors to consider when shopping for the best tool kits. “The best tool kit will be robust, ideally waterproof, and the right size for your needs,” Kazakos says. 

“Too big and it could get unnecessarily overloaded and become too heavy to carry around, and, if it’s too small, it might not fit the most essential items.” He also recommended looking for tool kits with durable cases that can protect the tools inside. “If you go for a box-style tool case, make sure it has strong closing locks so that they don't fall open easily,” says Kazakos. 

With 322 pieces, including a hammer, a level, scissors, pliers, screwdrivers, socket sets, and even cables ties—all housed in a convenient tool bag with pockets, handles, and a shoulder strap—the WorkPro W009037A Home Repair Hand Tool Set is our top pick for the best tool kits.

These are the eight best tool kits.

Best Overall

Workpro W009037A Home Repair Hand Tool Set

WORKPRO W009037A Home Repair Hand Tool Set


Why You Should Get It

  • It has 322 super useful hand tools
  • Tools are made from strong chrome vanadium steel
  • It has a durable 600D polyester carry bag

Keep in Mind

  • Not for professional mechanics
  • Not for high voltage (professional electrician use)
  • Might not have all the tools required for professional use

If you’re looking for the best tool kit for home use, you can’t really get better than this option from WorkPro. It has 322 items, which can come in handy for any bits and bobs you’ll need fixing around the house. All the tools are made from chrome vanadium steel—one of the hardiest materials you can find—and they’re polished for extra corrosion resistance. They also have rubberized handles for superior grip. 

All the tools are blue and red so you can tell which ones are yours (in case any handypeople are working around the house and ask to borrow one). The set contains everything you’ll ever need, including a hammer, sockets, screwdrivers, pliers, tape measure, and an adjustable wrench. The tool kit comes with a convenient and highly durable carry case that features a shoulder strap, too, for easily carrying it around if need be. There’s also a limited lifetime warranty.

Price at time of publish: $150

Product Details:

Case Size: 19 x 9.5 x 9 inches | Number of Tools: 322 pieces | Case Type: Bag with pockets, handle, and shoulder strap | Use: Household

Best Budget

Prostormer Store Small Tool Set

Prostormer Store Small Tool Set


Why You Should Get It

  • Durable heat-treated tools
  • Highly affordable
  • Each tool has its slot in the hard case for tidy storing

Keep in Mind

  • Tools might fall out of their slot if the case is not stored on the right side up
  • Not for professional use
  • There’s no room in the case for any extra tools or bits you may want to add

This little blow-molded hard case toolbox from Prostrormer comes with 49 tools for basic fixes like hanging up pictures and assembling furniture and is petite enough to fit in a drawer or small cabinet when not in use. The tools are made from high-quality, heat-treated steel to increase their durability. The case has two click locks to keep it shut and an inbuilt handle, making it easy to carry. More favorably, it is easy to carry since it only weighs 3.6lbs. 

Included in the best tool kits is everything you'll need. There are precision screwdrivers, scissors, hex keys, pliers, connectors, a hammer, a utility knife, a tape measure, and even an assortment of wood screws. There’s also a magnetic bit driver featuring 30 different bits and a magnetic bit extension holder for those hard-to-reach areas. All the small bits have their own little containers that fit within the case, so you don’t lose them. However, for all items to stay in place when you store the case, you have to ensure that the side with the logo is at the top.

Price at time of publish: $25

Product Details:

Case Size: 11.02 x 7.87 x 2.76 inches | Number of Tools: 49 | Case Type: Hard case | Use: Household

Best Splurge

Klein Tools 80141 Hand Tools Kit

Klein Tools Tool Kit


Why You Should Get It

  • Suitable for professional use
  • Includes protective eyewear and rechargeable headlamp
  • The hardwearing tool backpack has 39 pockets

Keep in Mind

  • It’s quite the investment
  • Has items that could prove unnecessary for the average DIYer or light household tasks

For anyone ready to invest in the best tool kits, this 41-piece tool kit from Klein Tools has everything you need. It features pliers, screwdrivers, nut drivers, screwdrivers, bit drivers, hex keys, a utility knife, a tape measure, a level, and cutters. Plus, there is a magnetizer, an awl, a jab saw, a conduit reamer, a rechargeable headlamp, and protective eyewear.

What’s more, there are other items in this toolset reserved for professional use, such as a non-contact voltage tester with a flashlight, a ground fault circuit interrupter tester, and a voltage and continuity tester. Though there are only 41 items in the set, the backpack toolbag offers plenty of room if you want to add some old trusties of your own, and there’s also a compact canvas zipper bag that fits inside it for any smaller items. 

Price at time of publish: $715

Product Details:

Case Size: 11.4 x 14.6 x 20.5 inches | Number of Tools: 41 | Case Type: Backpack | Use: Professional 

Best Mini Set

DNA Motoring TOOLS-00032 Home Repair Tool Set

DNA Motoring TOOLS-00032 Home Repair Tool Set


Why You Should Get It

  • Has 19 must-have basic tools for home use
  • Budget-friendly
  • A great starter tool set

Keep in Mind

  • Not the best kit for more demanding tasks
  • The scissors are small
  • Though called a “mechanic’s tool kit," it’s not really suitable for auto use

Many prefer to leave the large (or even medium-sized) tasks to the professionals, but if you ever get an “I’ll just do it myself” moment, this little toolkit from DNA Motoring will serve you well. Though there are only 10 tools in the kit, plus a set of hex keys, they’re the main items you’ll reach for when you need to stabilize a loose cabinet, fix a piece of flatpack furniture, or perform any general lightweight home maintenance. 

The small zip-around nylon fabric carries case is only 9.5 inches long. So, you can store it practically anywhere, even in a kitchen drawer or the car’s glove box. Most of the tools, including the edges of the tool case, are bright orange, so they’re easily noticeable in busy storage space. This handy kit is also a great starter set for anyone who has just moved into a place of their own (perhaps kids who are just going off to college).

Price at time of publish: $20

Product Details:

Case Size: 9.49 x 5.12 x 1.93 inches | Number of Tools: 18 pieces | Case Type: Soft zip-up case | Use: Household 

Best with a Drill

BLACK+DECKER Household 68-Piece Tool Set

BLACK+DECKER Household 68-Piece Tool Set


Why You Should Get It

  • It comes with a drill/driver with all the necessary bits
  • Easy-to-carry, hardy fabric tool bag
  • A single battery charge can last up to 18 months

Keep in Mind

  • Not for professional use
  • Best for use as a starter set
  • Tools are not held securely in the bag and can move around

If you feel that a good tool set is not complete without a power drill/driver, this budget option from Black+Decker might be the best tool kits for you. Not only does it have a bunch of necessary hand tools for any home maintenance task you may need to complete, but it also comes with the Black+Decker LDX120PK 20V lithium-ion drill featuring an 11-position clutch. The kit comes with 10 bits for drilling, 32 bits for driving, and a charger.

Though the battery can impressively hold a charge for up to 18 months (depending on use), the battery and charger are also compatible with any other Black+Decker tools you may have. So, if you have spare batteries from your other tools, you can always swap them out for zero downtime if a tool's battery dies. The tool set comes with a durable fabric bag with handles with slots for keeping all tools in neatly (although the slots are not tight enough to keep the tools in place if the bag gets thrown around in a trunk).

Price at time of publish: $139

Product Details:

Case Size: Not stated | Number of Tools: 68 | Case Type: Soft case with handle | Use: Household

Best Power Tools

Ryobi ONE+ 18V Cordless Combo Kit

Ryobi ONE+ 18V Cordless Combo Kit

Home Depot

Why You Should Get It

  • Includes 12 professional-grade power tools
  • The set works out cheaper per tool in contrast to if you were to buy them all individually
  • It comes with two large carry bags to store all tools in

Keep in Mind

  • It doesn't feature basic household hand tools like hammers, pliers, etc.
  • These are professional tools, so there might be a bit of a learning curve for beginners

For anyone ready to take their DIY-skills up a notch, this combo tool kit from top tool brand Ryobi comes with 12 power tools to help you successfully take on any project thrown your way. As well as the drill/driver which is most likely the tool you’ll use the most. Additionally, this kit also has an impact driver, a grinder, a multitool, a sander, a nailer, and a bunch of saws, including a jig, circular, miter, and reciprocating saws.

You’ll also get a powerful LED light, three batteries, and a charger, so while you’re using one tool, an extra battery can be charged in preparation for the power tool you need. This is one of the best tool kits with power tools for anyone who likes to dabble in a bit of woodworking and home renovation, and it comes with two large bags in the classic bright Ryobi green to store all the tools in when you’re done using them. 

Price at time of publish: $1,100

Product Details:

Case Size: N/A | Number of Tools: 12 | Case Type: Two fabric bags with handles | Use: Household and professional

Best for Cars

CRAFTSMAN 57-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

CRAFTSMAN Mechanics Tool Set


Why You Should Get It

  • It’s a great starter mechanic kit
  • It’s reasonably priced
  • Hard blow-molded case designed for tools to snap into (and stay in) place

Keep in Mind

  • It's mainly designed for auto use
  • Won’t have all the tools necessary for professionally fixing cars
  • The case’s latches are a bit tight to open and close at first

A standard home tool kit won’t typically have the necessary tools for anyone who’d like to do a bit of car repair or maintenance. If you need tools for automotive work, you’ll need a toolset that has at least the basics, i.e., sockets, ratchets, and adapters. This Craftsman Mechanics Tool Set is just the thing if you prefer to do auto fixes at home and save yourself a trip down to the garage. 

The blow-molded hard case is super convenient and designed so that the tools snap into place and stay there. The kit also comes with screwdrivers, slip joint pliers, a spinner handle, a bit adapter, a tape measure, and a standard-sized fiberglass hammer that is designed for easy handling, superior grip, and less user fatigue. There’s also a snap-off utility knife which allows you to change the blunt blade on a whim. 

Price at time of publish: $64

Product Details:

Case Size: 16 x 10.3 x 4.4 inches | Number of Tools: 57 | Case Type: Molded hard case | Use: Car repair

Best for Bikes

XCH Robots Bicycle Repair Bag & Bicycle Tire Pump

XCH Robots Bicycle Repair Bag & Bicycle Tire Pump


Why You Should Get It

  • Must-have mini toolkit for cyclists
  • Small enough to keep on the bike for emergency repairs
  • Includes a pump

Keep in Mind

  • You won’t get much use out of it other than for bicycle repair
  • It does not include a pressure gauge
  • Not designed for repairing electric bikes

Cyclists know that there’s nothing worse than a punctured tire or a loose chain in the middle of a ride. They’re also well aware that going on a bike ride without a good bike toolkit in tow is a big no-no. This kit from XCH Robots is one of the best tool kits for cyclists and can help you out in the event of a riding bind. It includes a 16-in-1 multi-tool with screwdrivers, hex keys, a wrench and sockets, glueless tire patches for any punctures, a tire lever, a thread crank, and a mini bike pump.

The hand pump is small, so it isn't convenient for your main bicycle pump. Though, it's great in times when there is an emergency. The fabric zip-around tool pouch is water resistant and comes with two velcro straps so you can securely affix it onto the bike’s frame, but it’s small and lightweight enough to keep in a backpack or fanny pack. If you’re looking for a value-for-money bicycle tool kit that is beginner-friendly and designed for emergency or basic fixes, this is a great option.

Price at time of publish: $30

Product Details:

Case Size: 10.2 x 4.57 x 2.83 inches | Number of Tools: 24 | Case Type: Soft zip carry case | Use: Bike repair

The Bottom Line

Our top pick for the best tool kit for home use is the WorkPro W009037A Home Repair Hand Tool Set. With 322 tools included in the set, it has everything you’ll likely ever need for home maintenance, repairs, and fixes, and featured in a durable tool bag that is easy to carry thanks to its two handles and shoulder strap. It also has 39 pockets to help you organize your tools and locate them easier whenever you need them. 

What to Know About Tool Kits Before Shopping

Experience Level

Tool kits are usually sold and marketed for a specific industry and need. For instance, mechanic’s tool kits or woodworking kits are relevant to each sector, and they’re not sold in beginner or professional kits. “The tool kit depends on the industry and uses, not level of experience,” Kazakos says. 

Some tool kits come with power tools, while other heavy-duty tools, such as saws and grinders. If you’ve never used these types of tools before, there will likely be a bit of a learning curve. A tool kit for the home, however, will usually have all the necessary basics like hammers, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, levels, and tape measures, which are suitable for users at all experience levels.


As mentioned, many tool kits are designed for use in specific industries. While a general homeowner’s tool kit will have the most common tools needed for general home repairs and DIY, a woodworking tool kit could include saws and screwdriver bits specifically for wood. Compared to a plumbing toolkit could feature adjustable pipe wrenches and tube cutters.

In addition to the best tool kits for mechanics, plumbers, and woodworkers, there are other tool kits available. These include electrician’s toolkits, masonry toolkits, mini toolkits for crafting (some of these come with mini drills, too), and tool kits for bicycle repair and maintenance.

Number of Pieces

Although tool kits are available with up to 400 (or more!) pieces, a tool kit with the basic and most needed items for home use could have around 20 pieces. The number of tools in some of the more plethoric toolkits could rack up because one drill, for instance, might have 100 different bits. 

Your Questions, Answered

How many pieces do you need in a tool kit?

“Again, this is something that is dependent on the industry,” Kazakos says. “A carpenter will have between 30 and 45 hand tools wedged in a medium-sized open toolbox for easy access. A closed toolbox for general use will likely be smaller and have between 20 and 30 pieces.”

The most important items that should be in every toolkit include a hammer, a set of screwdrivers in different sizes (both Phillips and flathead screwdrivers), pliers, utility blades, a straightedge, a level, measuring tape, hex keys, and a pair of wire cutters. 

To stack the best tool kits with everything you’ll need in any DIY situation, you should add other items. These items include a set of spatulas, spackle, adhesive tape (including painter’s tape), super glue, and pencils. Plus, if the toolkit doesn’t already include it, a power drill with various bits, plus an assortment of nails, screws, and bolts.

How do you clean tools?

You won’t really need to clean your tools often, if at all. If a tool gets covered in drywall dust, a simple wipe-down after use and before putting it back in the box is necessary. If a tool gets a bit grimy—for instance, after working on a car—the best way to clean it would be to “clean the metal section with an oil and wipe it with a damp cloth," Kazakos says. 

For particularly grimy tools, you can use a small amount of detergent (dish soap will do) and hot water. A dish sponge with a scouring side can be used to rub the tool down and release any stuck-on dirt, and then you’ll need to dry it with a clean cloth. In any event, it’s best to dry off any tool that has come into contact with liquid with a clean and dry cloth to avoid rust or corrosion.

Where should you store a tool kit?

The great thing about closed tool kits is that you can store them practically anywhere, even in a garage, shed, or basement. If it’s a waterproof case, you can even leave it outside if need be. However, any open-top tool kit should be kept somewhere dry and dust-free to keep the tools inside it in their best condition.

Who We Are

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