This essential winter tool works so much better than a traditional ice scraper.

By Jessica Bennett
December 17, 2020
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If you live in an area with snowy winters, you know the struggle of uncovering your car from a thick blanket of fluffy stuff before you can drive anywhere. Especially when the weather outside is frigid and blustery, it's a process you want to take care of as quickly as possible. For extra snow removal power when winter storms hit, ditch your skinny ice scraper in favor of a snow broom.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

This snow-removal tool helps you easily sweep piles of snow off your car with minimal reaching needed. Typically made with either a foam head or bristle brush, snow brooms allow you to push the snow away from you and directly off the windshield, roof, or hood of your car, instead of brushing the powder every which way (or onto your hands). They also often feature telescopic handles, which are especially helpful for clearing away snow on large vehicles like trucks or SUVs. These sturdy sweepers are great for heavy, wet snow and make quick work of clearing off snow so you can get on the road faster. Toss one of these snow brooms into your trunk so you're always prepared when snow starts to fall.

Credit: Courtesy of The Home Depot

With an 18-inch-wide foam head, this snow broom makes it easy to push heavy precipitation off your vehicle without damaging the glass or paint finish. The handle can extend from 33 to 52 inches to reach the top of your vehicle, and an ice scraper built into the end of the head quickly clears away frozen buildup. Four LED lights and an emergency blinker function provide visibility at night.

Buy It: Snow Joe Telescoping Snow Broom and Ice Scraper with Headlights ($17, The Home Depot)

Credit: Courtesy of Lowe's

The brush on this snow broom works as a plow, frost blade, and squeegee to clear away every flake. The head rotates 180 degrees so you can use it as a broom for the hood or a brush for the windows. The 48-inch pole is curved to help you reach the center of the windshield, and an ice chipper at the end works to break up frozen chunks.

Buy It: Hopkins Polar Vortex Snow Broom ($22, Lowe's)

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Although this snow broom can extend to 55 inches long, it features detachable parts so you can easily store it in a tight spot. Adjust the angle as needed with a contoured foam brush that can pivot 270 degrees. The ice scraper at the end is removable for more control when scraping a tough spot.

Buy It: Birdrock Home Snow Moover Extendable Foam Car Snow Brush and Ice Scraper ($35, Amazon)

Credit: Courtesy of Target

With a bristle brush, foam squeegee, and ice chipper, this snow broom includes everything you need to uncover your car as quickly as possible. The soft-grip handle extends from 33 to 53 inches for extra-long reach. It also stores flat so you can slip it under a seat for storage. 

Buy It: SubZero Arctic-Force Snow Broom ($19, Target)

Credit: Courtesy of The Home Depot

A simple, effective design makes this snow broom a must-have winter tool. The telescoping handle extends to 52 inches for easier reach, and a scraper at the end helps break up ice. The angled foam head can pivot 180 degrees to reach every inch of your vehicle.

Buy It: Suncast Telescoping Snow Sweeper ($22, The Home Depot)


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