Choosing a Contractor

If you're getting ready to start a project or a remodel -- small or large -- choosing the right contractor is the big decision that can feel intimidating. This person will be with you throughout your project and it's a big commitment to entrust one person with your home and your money, so we give you the strategy and planning tools you need to make your next home project a success.

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Home Remodeling Professionals

Having the right experts and professionals for your remodel can be reassuring and ensure your project's success. To find the right match for your remodeling project, understand your project and know the types of pros available.

8 Things to Know About Hiring a Contractor

Find out how to choose the right contractor for your project and set terms that keep both of you accountable and happy.

The Contractor Hiring Process

Use this guide to assist you in the contractor hiring process.

Hiring an Installer

Don't get in over your head with an intricate home improvement project. Here's how to seek professional help.

Hire a Kitchen or Bath Designer

By having a professional draw up or review your remodeling plans, you can avoid costly mistakes and get great ideas.

More Choosing a Contractor

Comparing Contractor Bids

Learn the intricacies of comparing contractor bids.