We Found the Best Insulation Hack to Keep Warm Air Inside this Season

Don't let your family freeze!

There's no denying it, winter is coming.

Whether you are an ice queen who lives for the cold months or a hibernating hermit who scurries inside at the first sight of snow, no one likes to be cold in their own home. Winter weather has a way of sneaking into your house even when you do your best to keep doors and windows closed.

To really beat the chills — and to save on your energy bill — you need to go a step further. Window insulation works wonders in maintaining a tolerable temperature in your home. Store-bought insulation kits work well, but covering every window in your home can get pretty pricey. We found a great window insulation alternative for smaller windows near the entryway or in bathrooms and kitchens! This home hack comes from YouTube user AlaskaGranny and all you need is water and bubble wrap. We can't wait to give it a try!


First, use a spray bottle to mist water on the window.


Next, do the same to the bubble wrap. Be sure to only spray the side of the wrap that has the bubbles; this is important for maximum insulation.


Finally, press the bubble side up to the window and apply slight pressure so that the bubble wrap sticks.

If you follow her steps, this insulation should hold up all winter long! To learn more about how she does it, check out the AlaskaGranny video below:

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  1. Someone was thinking creatively! Congratulations! In the summer we have the opposite problem...too much heat and humidity. I wonder if bubble wrap would work for that in the bathroom.

    1. What I use in summer is the “emergency “ blankets. Cheap, just use clothes pin to hang them up on window side of blinds. Instant cooling.

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