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Tackle your next renovation project, big or small, with our helpful home remodeling tips and how-tos. We share advice on regular home maintenance, weekend remodeling projects, and the best renovations to add value to your home. Use these expert tips to plan your home remodel, stick to a budget, and choose the right building materials to get the job done right.

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Bobby Berk Solves 7 of Your Biggest Design Challenges

The Queer Eye star shares his best tips for designing beautiful, functional rooms and his favorite makeovers from the show.
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How to Prep Your Home for a Short-Term Power Outage

Make the loss of electricity less of an inconvenience by preparing now for life off the (power) grid.
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Your Complete Guide to Buying a Tiny Home

In addition to the tight quarters, there are many considerations that come with buying a tiny home. Here's everything you need to know about tiny houses, including zoning laws, purchasing tips, and ideas for maximizing your small space.
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Here's What to Do if a Tornado Strikes While You're Driving

Staying in your car isn’t always the best bet. Here's how to stay out of harm's way if you encounter a twister on your journey.
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19 Fixes for the Most Annoying Home Problems

If you had a handyman for a day, what would you have repaired? That's what we asked our Facebook fans, and here are 18 solutions to their most common problems.
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10 Things to Take with You in a Natural Disaster

This guide will help you know what food and supplies to include in your emergency kit and how to safeguard important documents and priceless keepsakes so they're ready to go if evacuation is necessary.