This Black Friday, Deep Clean Your Dryer with This Vent Brush Set on Sale for 34% Off at Amazon

Get two large cleaning brushes for less than $10.

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 Holikme 2 Pack Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit Dryer Lint Brush Vent Trap


Getting the house tidy in time for the holiday festivities usually includes doing a load of laundry (or three). Between washing clothes and freshening up bedding and blankets, the washer and dryer get heavy usage this time of year. Taking the time to deep clean the lint trap not only ensures that your dryer gets through loads quicker but, it can also help deter any potential appliance fires. Even the best dryers need maintenance from time to time. Avoiding lint build-up can be as simple of a task as using a lint brush every so often. 

The Holikme Two-Pack Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit is an affordable and easy way to ensure your dryer keeps running at peak efficiency. Amazon’s number one best seller in vacuum brushes, the two-pack is normally $15, but this Black Friday is on sale for $10. The brushes have comfortable grip wooden handles, and attached are long coil brushes that are made of stainless steel and sturdy bristles. This makes the brushes flexible enough to fit in odd spaces and strong enough to pull out jammed lint. 

One five-star reviewer who has a busy household, was having issues with their dryer not heating up wrote, “I absolutely love the deep clean results I got from this brush set! I should’ve worn a mask because so much lint came out I had to clean out my nostrils afterward!”

 Holikme 2 Pack Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit Dryer Lint Brush Vent Trap


Buy It: Holikme Two-Pack Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit, $10 (was $15), Amazon

To avoid unwanted contact with dust, wearing a mask or gloves is recommended when using the brushes to clean out trapped lint. Thanks to its ability to get deep into the dryer, the flexible brushes work with any size dryer vent. At 29 inches long, the brush set gets deep into vents and pipes to help remove potential fire hazards. 

The brush also works on outdoor vent clogs, refrigerator coils, and tight nooks under furniture. Another five-star reviewer noted that “not only do they work in the dryer vent, under the washer, dryer, and fridge, but our vacuum got clogged and we were able to use one to unclog the hose. I wish it was a tiny bit longer but then it wouldn't be sturdy. You want it to be flexible but at the same time you want to be able to control where it goes.”

Keep your dryer running smoothly. Grab the Holikme Two-Pack Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit currently on sale for 34% off. 

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