Shoppers Swear by This Best-Selling Kit That Makes Cleaning Your Dryer Vents an Easy Task—and It’s Only $12

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Holikme 2 Pieces Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit


When you already have all your regular cleaning tasks on your to-do list, the idea of taking additional time to spruce up your appliances can seem like a far reach. But keeping your appliances clean and in top shape can actually shorten the time you need to spend using them—not to mention, extend their lives—and Amazon shoppers say this handy, on-sale dryer vent cleaning kit takes some of the pain out of doing laundry.

The Holikme 2-Piece Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit has 19,800 five-star ratings and almost 1,900 positive reviews. Thanks to both, it’s climbed up to the top spot in Amazon’s Vacuum Attachments category. The goal of the set is to help you to remove buildup from your lint trap and dryer vent, according to the brand. The combination of the extra-long dryer brush and the vacuum hose attachment help you to accomplish that goal—and shoppers say it works. 

Holikme 2 Pieces Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit


Buy It: Holikme 2-Piece Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit, $12 (was $17), Amazon

“Our dryer had stopped drying properly and had a very weird smell it was imparting onto our clothes. To our shock, under the lint trap was a mass of disgusting hair and dust, which we could NOT reach,” shared a five-star reviewer who turned to both of the tools in the set to “scoop out the nastiness.” After completing their cleaning, they said, “Our dryer is back to perfect working order now!”

Using the two-piece set is simple. For an easy clean of the inside of your dryer, turn to the bristled brush to whisk lint away from the interior trap. Then when you’re ready to deep clean, connect the plastic hose and two vacuum adapters together and attach them to your vacuum. With the combination, you can clean the hard-to-reach spots in your exterior dryer vent and even slightly deeper inside your dryer. The end result is a quicker running appliance and one that prevents fire hazards, according to the brand. 

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“Recently it started to take a little longer to dry our clothes, so I decided to give this a try, and I’m disgusted by the amount of lint that was stuck in our dryer,” wrote a shopper who said the vacuum attachment was “super easy to put together.” They noted that they did have some issues getting it to fit on their Dyson ball vacuum, but that they were able to make it work. Ultimately, they concluded that they would rather spend a few dollars on a dryer cleaning kit than much more for a new appliance. 

While it’s on sale for just $12, pick up a Holikme dryer vent cleaning kit. After all, if your goal is to speed through your laundry, cleaning out your dryer regularly will help to ensure your trusty appliance is up to the task safely now and for years to come.

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