11 Valentine's Day Nail Designs You'll Love

Any one of these gorgeous manicures is perfect for February 14.

Now that February 14 is almost here, it's finally time to paint my nails every color of pink, and no one can tell me that it's over the top. Yes, the day has come to remove my old manicure and apply a Valentine's Day-inspired nail design. If you're like me, you're reaching for all the pink hues, but I've been seeing ideas use reds, whites, golds, and other pretty shades that are perfect for the holiday. There are step-by-step directions for each idea so that you can have a professional-looking manicure without the steep cost. Check out these 11 options for your Valentine's Day mani.

How to Master Valentine's Day Nail Designs

If you're doing your nails at home, you'll need some supplies. The majority of these manicures require the same polishes, so make sure you have these items handy before you begin.

red valentines day nails with hearts
Courtesy of @beautyby.hq/Instagram

Red Valentine's Day Nails

If glam is your style, try out this mani by @beautyby.hq, which won't take long to apply. Paint your thumb, pointer, and pinky nails with a glittery red polish. Then, take the same polish, use one of your tools, and draw on a small heart on the middle and ring fingernails.

valentines day nails with sparkle
Courtesy of @nailsbymarissas/Instagram

Sparkly Valentine's Day Nails

This wild look by @nailsbymarissas is perfect for February 14 and beyond. Paint your pinky and thumb nails with pink polish. After that, swipe a coat of that same polish on your middle and ring nails. (It doesn't have to be perfect!) Next, paint your pointer nails with a glittery pink polish ($10, Ulta). Finally, apply small dots with the sparkly pink and black polish ($2, Target) to create the animal print.

valentine's day nails with hearts
Courtesy of @paintbyjaz/Instagram

Valentine's Day Nail Art

I'm obsessed with the connecting heart on this design by @paintbyjaz. If you're a beginner, you can stick to just the smaller hearts, but you might be surprised how simple the complete design is. After you've painted every nail with a nude shade, draw on small hearts using a nail dotting tool ($7, Walmart) in red polish. Then, draw half of a heart with the red on your pointer and middle nail. Carefully outline your halves with a gold polish.

valentines day nails with gold lips
Courtesy of @paintedbeautyhq

Pink Valentine's Day Nails

This manicure by @paintedbeautyhq especially pops when you pair it with gold jewelry. First, paint every nail with pink polish. Then, take a dotting tool, dip it in the gold polish, and draw on lips. If it's difficult at first, just keep practicing until you get the design you like.

pink valentines day nails
Jennifer Aldrich

Almond Valentine's Day Nails

This was my first Valentine's Day manicure of the year. (I had them done to film a video on how to arrange a bouquet of roses for your special someone.) I love the color pink, so I just had my technician paint my middle nail with a light pink and my other nails with hot pink. Then, she added a coat of glittery polish on my thumb and my ring nails.

valentines day nails with lips
Courtesy of @nailchark/Instagram

Valentine's Day Nail Idea

I love this mani by @nailchark for the perfect balance of glam and girly. Paint every nail with a nude shade. Then, take a dotting tool, dip it in red polish, and draw on tiny lips. (Practice makes perfect!) Use a clean tool, dip it in the gold, and draw a thin line at the base of your nail.

valentines nails with gold hearts
Courtesy of @onenailtorulethemall/Instagram

Cute Valentine's Day Nails

Your nails will shine bright when you emulate this look by @onenailtorulethemall. Begin by painting your nails with nude nail polish. Then, apply tiny gold hearts on each nail. Take your tool, dip it in the white polish, and draw small star-like designs on each nail.

valentines day nails pink and red hearts
Courtesy of @nyahanais_nailartist/Instagram

Pink and Red Valentine's Day Nails

The beautiful abstract design by @nyahanais_nailartist can be customized to your liking. Swirl white polish ($13, Ulta) and light pink together using a tool on each nail. Once that dries, use a clean tool to draw on a red heart to each nail.

valentines day nails with small heartsq
Courtesy of @eekabeauty/Instagram

Simple Valentine's Day Nails

This design by @eekabeauty is subtle yet super cute. All you do is apply nude polish to every nail. Then, use your tool and some red polish to draw on tiny hearts at the base of your nail beds. To make it easier, you could also apply small red heart stickers ($4, Etsy).

valentines day nails with negative space
Courtesy of @ prettylittleyoustamford/Instagram

Valentine's Day Nail Colors

You'll need a bit of patience to achieve this design by @prettylittleyoustamford, but the manicure is well worth the time. You can either paint your nails with a nude polish or leave them bare. Take your tool and your red polish, and draw a small heart at the base of each one of your nails. Then, apply some red polish in a diagonal at the tip of your nail. Using a clean tool, outline the red with pink polish.

valentines day nails with foil
Courtesy of @jen.the.nail.lady/Instagram

Purple and Pink Valentine's Day Nails

A steady hand is the key to this shiny nail art by @jen.the.nail.lady. To start, paint all of your nails with a nude shade. After that, take nail foil ($2, Etsy ) and punch out small hearts with a cutter. Then, carefully place them on your nails. After that, take your tool and outline each heart with white nail polish ($13, Ulta).

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