These masks are sure to turn a head or two.
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When the world's most romantic day rolls around, why not have a cheery and festive mask for your shopping outings or socially distanced events this February? Smooch your new flame through a protective, love-themed covering or wear one while working in the office.

Whether you decide to go on a socially-distanced date, spread the love with the family, or choose to stay home and call up a loved one virtually, you can't go wrong with these heart designs, love-themed embroideries, and pink and red masks this Valentine's Day holiday.

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face mask printed with red hearts
Credit: Courtesy of Frances Valentine

Heart Print Mask

Love and protection go hand in hand. This is especially true for the heart print mask from Frances Valentine. These cheery, red heart print masks have two layers of fabric, made with ultra-soft cotton lining. For those that like to use filters, the mask also comes with a bonus slip pocket.

Buy It: Fitted Mask Heart Print Oyster Red ($20, Frances Valentine)

denim face mask with embroidery
Credit: Courtesy of Motherly

The Love Wins Mask

This year, we are loving masks that send positive messages out to the world. The pink embroidered “Love Wins” on this 100% cotton blue denim mask is simple but begs a second glance. Even better, 20% of proceeds go to a nonprofit for children’s mental health.

Buy It: The Love Wins Face Mask ($30, Motherly)

black face mask with multicolor hearts
Credit: Courtesy of Lunair

Multicolor Hearts Mask

Infuse your Valentine's Day with a bit of color and pop with the Lunair MultiColor Hearts Mask. The black background with the red, orange, pink, and blue hearts is not only fun to look at, but the hardy protective covering will last up to 50 washes in its mint condition. Use the adjustable toggle on the ear straps for a comfy fit.

Buy It: The Essential Mask ($6, Lunair)

pink silk face mask
Credit: Courtesy of Celestial Silk

Silky Pink Mask

If you like to keep things simple and sexy, then we love the 100% pure Mulberry silk face covering by Celestial Silk. The soft pink color coupled with the shiny texture of the mask is sure to turn the right heads. The mask is lightweight and breathable due to the temperature regulating qualities of silk.

Buy It: Silk Face Covering ($15, Celestial Silk)

rainbow unicorn face mask
Credit: Courtesy of Better Off Alone

Playful Valentine

Valentine’s Day is meant to be inclusive and Better off Alone has unicorn rainbow masks perfect for the LGBT (or just playful) partner in your life. The masks are made from 100% cotton and are biodegradable. For everyday protection, the machine washable masks are made with naturally antimicrobial fabric that’s certified to block surface microorganisms.

Buy It: Cloth Mask ($11, Better Off Alone)

set of four printed Valentine's Day masks
Credit: Courtesy of Z Supply

Love Variety Pack

If you’re shopping for a few loved ones in your life, consider the Sending Love Mask 4-pack. It contains a diamond check print, hearts print, love print, and an embroidered heart design. That annoying mask gap you get under your chin? Z Supply solved this issue by designing these masks with a gusset at the chin to provide a closer fit to the face.

Buy It: Sending Love Face Masks ($24 for 4, Z Supply)

Pink Gingham face mask
Credit: Courtesy of Dippin Daisy's

Pink Gingham Mask

For a mod and retro look for Valentine’s Day, wear the pink gingham patterned mask from Dippin’ Daisys. Although there are no hearts or embroideries on this mask, the cute and simple color keeps the love vibes going whether you’re on a date in a social-distanced space or out with family.

Buy It: Stay Safe Mask ($5, Dippin' Daisy's)

set of five pleated face masks
Credit: Courtesy of Old Navy

Pleated Face Mask Set

Here's a variety pack fit for the whole family with a mixture of large hearts, small hearts, and solid pink colors. The assortment of Valentine’s Day masks means that you can celebrate all week long with a new mask each day. The triple layer cloth also adds several layers of protection.

Buy It: Variety 5-Pack of Triple-Layer Cloth Pleated Face Masks for Adults ($13, Old Navy)

set of red patterned masks
Credit: Courtesy of Etsy / TacomaCollective

Patterned Masks

What would Valentine’s Day be without consuming several melt-in-your-mouth sweets? On a diet? No worries, you can order this doughnut heart mask from this Etsy seller and wear your food on your mouth all day. The mask is made with 100% cotton and soft, nylon ear loops for a comfy fit.

Buy It: Valentine's Day Face Mask (from $10, Etsy)


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