So Sweet Valentine Treats

One of these recipes will be just right for a Valentine's Day treat or romantic gift.

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    Letter Perfect

    Put down that messy piping bag! Here's an easier way: Glaze alphabet cookies with thin icing, then sprinkle with colored sugar. Perch atop frosted cupcakes.

    Trader Joe's Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies

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    Cupcake Pedestal

    Create a visually stunning batch of Valentine's Day cupcakes by mixing and matching just two colors of icing and a few simple garnishes. Display them on a tiered stand for impact.

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    Heart Cutouts, Slide 1

    Sweeten up your favorite sugar cookies with inexpensive seasonal baking accessories, such as a heart-shape cookie cutter.

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    Heart Cutouts, Slide 2

    For added charm, sandwich jam between two of the cookies after they cool to room temperature. (Just make sure only the top cookies have holes through their middles!)

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    Puffed Heart Lemon Cookies

    These cake-like confections are a little tart with citrus and slightly sweet from a pink glaze.

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    Double Thumbprint Cookies

    Pile these pretty Double Thumbprint Cookies on a plate and let guests fill them with assorted jams and preserves.

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    Lemon Rose Cookies

    You can find edible flowers in many markets for these Lemon Rose Cookies. Be sure any flowers you use have never been sprayed or treated.

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    Honey and Poppy Seed Hearts

    The addition of honey to these cinnamon-spiced cookies gives them great flavor and a slightly soft texture.

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    Chocolate Pistachio Heart Cookies

    Vary the shape of these chocolate-dipped cookies depending on the season.

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    Almond Galettes

    In the vernacular of French cooking and baking, a galette is simply a kind of cake. These little almond-infused "cakes" are the essence of simple sophistication.

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    Coconut Macaroons

    All the rage in Paris a hundred years ago, these chewy coconut bites are still a popular treat to savor. For an extra special goody, drizzle the tops or dip the bottoms with melted chocolate.

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    Cherry Winks

    Crushed wheat cereal coats these cherry-centered morsels. Bake them as much as three months ahead.

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    White-Chocolate Cherry Shortbread

    A dip in melted white chocolate then a roll in nonpareils and edible glitter give a colorful frill to these cookies.

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    Mocha Meringue Kisses

    These light-as-air sweet kisses are fat-free and guilt-free at less than 32 calories each. The cocoa and espresso powders provide phenolic compounds, which function as antioxidants.

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    Italian Nut Biscotti Sticks

    Cornmeal adds crunch, lemon adds zip, and nuts add richness to Italy's ultimate dipping cookie in these Italian Nut Biscotti Sticks.

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    This basic recipe is tasty plain, or it can become the basis for many variations.

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    Cranberry-Orange Pinwheels

    Fresh cranberries give these pleasingly soft cookies a tangy taste and bright color.

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    Orange-Ginger Baby Cheesecakes

    With a simple orange marmalade topping, these sweet little bites bring seasonal inspiration to the table.

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    German Chocolate Cupcakes

    For a super shortcut, start with bakery cupcakes or make them from a cake mix for these German Chocolate Cupcakes. Then top each cupcake with a circle of frosty ice cream and the embellishments of your choice.

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    Toffee Almond Shortbread Bites

    Delectably light, these Toffee Almond Shortbread Bites have a buttery flavor with an unexpected hint of almond and toffee. Be sure to bake a few of these cookies for each guest.

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    Flower Cookies with Cardamom

    What's better than one cookie? Three cookies, stacked on top of one another to form a multi-tiered, tasty masterpiece.

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    Heartthrob Cookies

    A single basic sugar cookie dough makes all four of the dainty heart designs.

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    Peppermint Stars

    These peppermint-flavored meringues are virtually fat-free and they're fun to eat, too, because they melt like magic on your tongue.

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    No-Drip Chocolate Dip

    Purchased cookies or fresh fruit, such as grapes or pears, may be served instead of Cutout Cookies.

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    Chocolate Hearts

    These delectable treats make exquisite decorations for cake, cheesecake, cream pies, and other special desserts.

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