How to Make Easy Valentine's Day Treats Everyone Will Fall For

From a red velvet mug cake recipe to strawberry heart gummies, there's a quick and easy Valentine's Day dessert recipe here for everyone!
Gemma Stafford, Bigger Bolder Baking

Are you looking for some creative and easy Valentine's Day recipes that you can make for your loved ones in no time? Then look no further! I heartily believe that homemade Valentine's Day treats taste better than regular, store-bought ones...because they come from the heart! But I also understand that life gets what I love even more are edible gifts that are really easy to make. My recipes tend to include ingredients that you can find at any local store so you don't have to search too far. Also, I have a lot of no-bake recipes, which are always a hit. So, this Valentine's Day, create amazing sweets with very little kitchen equipment and without even having to turn on the oven. What's best? These 5 recipes below can be made or prepared up to one week in advance so your Valentine doesn't catch you making them last minute. Now it doesn't get much better than that. Check out my 5 easy-to-make, homemade recipes guaranteed to make any Valentine swoon:

1. Homemade Peanut Butter Cups to Butter Up Your Loved Ones

Gemma Stafford, Bigger Bolder Baking

Do you and your Valentine go together like peanut butter and chocolate? If so, what better way to show off your love than by making melt-in-your-mouth, amazing treats? These homemade peanut butter cups are made with rich, dark chocolate and have a cookie peanut butter center...taking these candies to a seriously delicious level. Put in the effort and you will get it back tenfold.

Get my Homemade Peanut Butter Cup recipe.

2. Homemade Oreo Truffles to Win Anyone Over

Gemma Stafford, Bigger Bolder Baking

Do you love Oreo Cookies? Need to make a Valentine's gift in a hurry? It's ok, I've got you covered. Imagine the best truffle you ever tasted and multiply that by 10. Wrap them up just like beautiful truffles you see in stores to make your loved one feel like a million dollars. This is an incredibly easy recipe that just requires a few ingredients and no baking. Win-win!

Get my Homemade Oreo recipe.

3. Make Hearts Throb With These Strawberry Heart Gummies


Who didn't love fruit gummies as a kid? The sweet flavor and chewy texture always made you come back for more. Well, I created a grown up version of them that I think you will love. These fruit gummies are made with all-natural fruit so they have amazing flavor. And the fact that they are heart shaped makes them even more perfect for a Valentine's Day treat your loved ones won't be able to resist.

Get my Strawberry Heart Jelly Gummies recipe.

4. Put Your Love Into Words With Homemade Fortune Cookies


Do you have a lot of things to tell the one you love but don't know how to do it? Write it down and put it in a Homemade Fortune Cookie. This treat is completely customizable so make it personal and from the heart. If this doesn't say "I love you"...I don't know what will! Wrap them up in a pretty takeaway container to enhance the whole experience.

Get my Homemade Fortune Cookie recipe.

5. Irresistible No-Bake Red Velvet Mug Cake


When it comes to Valentine's Day, the gift you give should express how much someone means to you. A Red Velvet Mug Cake is the perfect token of your love because it is a delicious and rich, single-serving cake. And it's an edible gift your beloved won't have to share...or, why not double the recipe and make one for yourself? You can serve this cake in a pretty mug which is also part of the gift.

Get my Red Velvet Mug Cake recipe here.


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