How to Make Chocolate Bark Your Best Gift This Valentine's Day

Chocolate bark is a great dessert you can make and package up for guests or for your sweetie. These candy bark recipes are the perfect touch to end your Valentine's Day dinner.

The trick to Valentine's Day gifts isn't about finding the perfect sweater or charm; it's about baking the perfect chocolatey homemade treat! Making chocolate bark is easy and it makes a great Valentine's Day gift. The treat follows long-standing holiday traditions but presents itself in a way that is slightly more personal than a handful of leftover Halloween treats. These easy chocolate bark recipes will make you the apple of everyone's eye:

1. Red Hot Bark

Put a little spice in your sweets this year with this cinnamon candied treat. Sprinkle Red Hots candy into bittersweet chocolate for a candy bark with a biting twist. Add even more heat to this homemade chocolate bark with a sprinkle of Red Hots to the top.

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2. Candy Cane Bark

Candy canes aren't just for Christmas, you know. The bright red color makes them the perfect addition to your famous Valentine's Day chocolate bark recipe. Plus, these will leave your breath smelling like kissable peppermint. Plus, we'll show you how to make bark from two kinds of chocolate.

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3. Dark Chocolate Gourmet Candy Bark

This recipe is a more thoughtful version of a last-minute assorted chocolate candy box. Crumble up your favorite candy bars and add them to melted dark chocolate. Throw in a handful of nuts for a salty and sweet treat. Want to take this easy bark recipe over the top? Try adding a sprinkle of flaky sea salt to the mix. 

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4. Peanut Butter Cup Bark

Crumb Kitchen

If we have one weakness, it's peanut butter cups. This recipe for bark does the classic candy justice by having the perfect peanut butter-to-chocolate ratio. Be sure to make a double batch of this!

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5. Chocolate Tea Bark

This easy bark recipe only looks complicated. Tea leaves with hints of floral not only complement the chocolate, but they also look absolutely beautiful. Sprinkle on extra tea before wrapping up this gourmet chocolate bark.

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6. Lemon Drop Bark

Calling all sour fans! All it takes is three small steps to make this candy bark pucker-face worthy. Turn your favorite lemony candy into a bark you won't soon forget.

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7. Valentine's Day Chocolate Bark

This easy chocolate bark gets it's colorful look from festive sprinkles and candies. Customize it with any toppings you like and you've got the perfect homemade Valentine's Day gift. Make a double batch and keep a little for yourself. 

Get the recipe here. 


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