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Heartthrob Cookies
Hearts are for more than just Valentine's Day. Make these heart-shape foods any time of the year! After all, there's no better way to show your friends and family a little extra love than with a batch of heart cookies or a rich slice of heart-shaped cake. Or treat yourself to these sweets—we won't judge if you keep them all to yourself.

Conversation Heart Cut-Out Cookies

Baking a batch of cookies is a great way to show friends and family you care—adding personalized messages to each cookie makes the gesture even sweeter. Use food coloring to make your hearts any color you want, and tiny stamps to create special messages.

Red Velvet Heart Cake

From the moist red velvet cake to the fudgy chocolate frosting, everything about this heart cake is decadent. Decorating it with raspberries, cherries, almonds, and pecans makes it more stunning; go ahead, treat yourself!

Red Velvet Heart Cookies

You won't need frosting for these bright red velvet cookies—a dusting of powdered sugar on top is all they need. Create your own powdery patterns, or take inspiration from a few of our creations!

Valentine Lollipops

That's right, you can make this store-bought Valentine's Day treat at home! Use aluminum foil to create a heart shape, then melt your favorite hard candies together to make personalized, one-of-a-kind lollipops.

Lavender Lemon Pudding Cakes

Of course these pudding cakes work in any shape you want, but they're much cuter in heart-shape ramekins. No matter what shape you bake them into, these creamy pudding cakes reach perfection with a sprinkle of rock sugar and lavender on top.

Jelly Donut Cake

Thick, luscious cream joins a jelly filling in this donut-style cake. To make this heart cake extra special, spread more jelly on top in a heart pattern and dust with powdered sugar.

Cranberry Hearts

Start your day off right with a heart-shape treat. These yummy hearts are made of dried cranberries, marshmallows, and toasted oat cereal, so they can serve double-duty as a sweet snack or a special breakfast.

Heart-Shape Reindeer Sugar Cookies

Pull your heart-shape cookie cutter our for days other than just Valentine's Day. As this heart-shape reindeer demonstrates, it works for sweets of all seasons! And if you look closely, you can see that this reindeer's antlers are made up of teeny-tiny heart cookies.

Favorite Gingerbread Cookies

If you can enjoy heart-shape foods year-round, why not gingerbread, too? Decorate these cookies for any occasion, but don't skip the cream cheese frosting!

Citrus Zingers Sugar Cookies

These sugar cookies may look ordinary, but they're hiding a trio of zesty citrus flavor: Orange, lemon, and lime peel all have a part to play. To make these cookies extra festive, decorate with pink icing and a handful of colored sprinkles.

Chocolate Pistachio Heart Cookies

A quick dip in melted chocolate and a sprinkle of pistachios takes these heart cookies from plain treats to sophisticated delicacies in a few seconds. Plus, you'll get a double dose of each flavor: Chopped pistachios are baked into each chocolaty cookie.

Chocolate Hearts with Honey Caramel Sauce

Calling all chocoholics. You're sure to fall in love with these rich heart desserts. Loaded with bittersweet chocolate, unsweetened chocolate, and sprinkled with cocoa powder, this triple-dose will definitely cure any cravings.

Oaty Doodle Hearts

Not your average cookie, this recipe uses rolled oats and whole wheat flour to make a healthier-than-usual treat. The cookies form easily with your hands, so you can make heart-shape sweets even without a special cookie cutter or pan.

Simple Heart Angel Cookies

OK, these angel cookies aren't a complete heart shape, but you can still put your heart-shape cookie cutter to work for the wings. Decorate with royal icing and coarse white sugar, and you'll have a batch of angelically sweet sugar cookies ready in no time.

Red Hot Sugar Cookies

Yes, these sugar cookies are sweet, but they're also red hot! Topping heart cookies with red cinnamon candies not only makes them stand out in your cookie jar, but also gives them a spicy kick.

Double Thumbprint Cookies

It may be hard to believe, but you don't need a cookie cutter to make these heart-shape treats. Your thumbs are all you need! Spoon cherry jam into the double thumb indentations to give these cookies their signature shiny red hue.

Honey and Poppy Seed Hearts

Take a break from chocolate and red velvet and sink your teeth into these cinnamon-spiced cookies. A drizzle of honey in the dough keeps them soft and adds a hint of extra sweetness.

Valentine Cookies

If you've been waiting for a heart cookie for Valentine's Day, it's finally here! Use alphabet cookie cutters to slice a sweet message into cookie, then fill the gaps with crushed cinnamon candies. In the oven, the candy melts into a bright red valentine message!

Crispy Chocolate Heart Cookies

Turn your usual rice cereal treats into chocolaty, heart-shape desserts with help from your cookie cutter. Add a few frosting decorations, and these no-bake sweets are the perfect way to show your friends and family how much you care!

Heartthrob Cookies

Why heartthrob? Because no one will be able to resist the allure of these frosted sugar cookies. And if that's not enough to entice you into snagging one off the plate, add a few drops of food coloring to a portion of the dough to make a heart in the center of each cookie.

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