Wake Up to Love: Brunch Recipes for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is all about the sweet things in life. Celebrate the ones you love with our sweetest brunch recipes. On February 14, we eat cake for breakfast and dessert.

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    XO Pancakes

    These pancakes spell hugs and kisses. All it takes to create them is basic pancake batter -- and a steady hand! 

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    Slow Cooker Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

    Start these cinnamon rolls early in the morning, then wait for the delicious smell to fill your home. These pumpkin pastries are an addictive recipe your family will love.

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    Puffed Oven Pancake with Glazed Apples

    This sweet apple breakfast is the perfect no-guilt treat for a brunch treat. Two cored and peeled apples coated with butter, apple juice, and brown sugar make a delicious and special breakfast.

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    Virgin Mary Smoothie

    Looks like a Bloody Mary, tastes like a Bloody Mary ... but it's actually an incredibly low-calorie smoothie! This smoothie is a perfect surprise for your special someone.

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    Mini Cinnamon-Sugar Doughnuts

    These fluffy bite-size sweets are coated with cinnamon and brown sugar for a warm brunch surprise.

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    Double-Chocolate Peanut Butter Pancakes

    Say I love you with a stack of Double-Chocolate Peanut Butter Pancakes or one of our other options, like Banana-Walnut Pancakes. These protein-packed recipes are sure to energize your Valentine.

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    Really Red Power Smoothies

    If you like to look at love through rose-tinted glasses, this smoothie will do the trick for your Valentine's Day brunch. Strawberry yogurt, red berries, and red vegetables mix for a tasty treat.

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    Chocolate Waffles with Mocha Syrup

    Eat chocolate for breakfast. It doesn't get more decadent than chocolate waffles with coffee liqueur and vanilla ice cream. 

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    Raspberry Sorbet Floats

    Mimosas are great, but Valentine's Day calls for something extra special. A few scoops of raspberry sorbet and sparkling Prosecco take brunch cocktails from basic to beautiful. 

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    Pumpkin-Ricotta Pancakes

    These heart-shape pancakes taste more like cheesecake than breakfast -- perfect for Valentine's Day indulging. 

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    Grapefruit-Gin Cocktail Shakes

    Gin for breakfast? Yep! It's a special occasion, after all. Tart grapefruit juice keeps it morning-appropriate. 

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    Chocolate Bread Pudding

    Bread pudding is classic brunch fare, but this chocolate version takes it totally over the top. The secret? Serving it with a rich chocolate ganache. 

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    Jelly Doughnut Cake

    Save the box of doughnuts for the office. This shareable cream-filled cake tastes just like a jelly doughnut, slice after slice. 

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    Raspberry Cocoa with Chocolate-Hazelnut Cream

    Go ahead and indulge -- it's Valentine's Day. We spiked bittersweet hot chocolate with raspberry liqueur and chocolate-hazelnut spread. It's true love.  

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    Pink Power Smoothies

    On Valentine's Day, we like to think pink. Rise and shine with this (healthy!) strawberry smoothie. Only you will know there's a secret serving of veggies inside. 

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    Peanut Butter-Banana Shakes

    Show your valentine some love with a shake. With just five on-hand ingredients, they're perfect for a leisurely breakfast in bed. 

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    Mini Chocolate and Yogurt Parfaits

    Fruit and yogurt might seem ordinary, but not when they're spiced up with pink peppercorns and cocoa powder. Top each parfait with sweet cherry jam. 

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    Very Raspberry Frappe

    They're a little smoothie and a lot milkshake, and we love to indulge in these frappes for breakfast -- occasionally. Celebrate the day of love with fresh raspberries, liqueur, and berry gelato. 

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    Fresh Berry Bruschetta

    Bruschetta for breakfast? Trust us. These ruby red bites are perfect morning bites. Top crisp bread with cream cheese, mint, and berries. Be prepared to share! 

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    Chocolate-Filled Doughnuts

    The true beauty of these doughnuts is inside, where you'll discover melty chocolate-hazelnut spread. Swoon.

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    Raspberry-Champagne Fizz

    Nothing celebrates a special occasion like champagne. Start your day with this fruity champagne fizz. 

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    Strawberries and Cream Pancakes

    Planning a romantic breakfast for two? Whip up these strawberries-and-cream-studded pancakes. No syrup needed. 

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    Dark Chocolate-Raspberry Banana Bread

    We all love banana bread. Fancy it up for the holiday with a swirl of dark chocolate and raspberries. 

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    Coconut Waffles

    Bring visions of a romantic vacation to breakfast. A double dose of coconut brings a taste of the tropics. 

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    Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Raspberry Sauce

    These pancakes are for the special people in your life. Fill pancake batter with chocolate pieces and top with sweet raspberry sauce. 

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    Chocolate-Banana Doughnuts

    Feel good about diving into these doughnuts. They've got an extra serving of fruit! 

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    Lavender-Lemon Pudding Cakes

    These lavender cakes are sophisticated brunch fare. Bake in heart-shape ramekins and show some love. 

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