6 Calorie-Light Savory Foods You Need to Try on Valentine's Day

Now you can charm your valentine without worrying about a box of chocolates.
The Fit Fork

We love celebrating Valentine's Day, but who's to say it has to be calorie-laden and oh-so-sweet? Plus, what if our valentines have more of a salty than a sweet tooth? This year, we're reinventing the traditional box-o-chocolates with these six adorable recipes. Trust us, these savory snacks will have your valentine swooning.

1. Salty Swoon: Heart-Shaped Herbed Oven Fries

The Fit Fork

Who doesn't love a perfectly cooked french fry? Absolutely nobody. These adorable heart-shaped fries fit the bill for our Valentine's Day celebrations! They're delightfully small ways to stick to the holiday theme as you create a meal for your valentine. And with some light, herb seasoning and roasting in the oven, they're potatoes we feel good about indulging in. If you want to add a sweet-n-salty twist, we recommend subbing out regular potatoes for sweet potatoes.

Get the recipe from The Fit Fork.

2. Show Off Your Love with These Heart-Shaped Red Lentil-Beet Crackers

Queen of My Kitchen

Making your own crackers? That must mean you really love your valentine! We're loving that these red lentil-beet and flax crackers from Queen of My Kitchen are both heart-shaped and red-colored! We bet they come with an addictive crunch, and they're chock-full of ingredients that are seriously good for you. Happy Valentine's Day, indeed! TIP: Pack these in your sweetie's lunch for a loving midday crunch!

Get the recipe from Queen of My Kitchen.

3. Strawberry-Balsamic Chutney & Goat Cheese Bruschetta... Oh My!

Rock Recipes

We are completely obsessed with this combination of flavors. The sweetness of the strawberry contrasts with the tartness of the balsamic, creating a totally addictive chutney. When you add to it smooth and creamy goat cheese, you're setting up an irresistible explosion of flavors. We envision this as a great snack before Valentine's plans, or as a yummy an appetizer before a romantic dinner -- what a lucky date!

Get the recipe from Rock Recipes here.

4. Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Dark Cherry Sauce for the WIN

Grits and Pinecones

We're pretty sure this recipe is so darn good that it'll win you points with your sweetheart all year long. If you're making dinner for your valentine this year, this recipe from Grits and Pinecones is relatively stress-free. Not to mention, the oozy redness of the cherries turns it into a perfect holiday meal without feeling too over-the-top. We've always loved recipes that combine the sweetness of a fruit sauce with the slightly salty flavor of pork, and this savory lineup fits that bill.

Get the full recipe from Grits and Pinecones.

5. Cheesy Love is the Best Love: Make Hearts Melt With This Heart-Shaped Caprese Salad


Okay, how downright adorable is this dish? Education.com gave us this perfect savory Valentine's Day idea. We're simply falling for this mouth-wateringly cute Caprese salad that adds a festive touch by cutting the mozzarella slices into hearts. It's not too different from the classic, aside from those creative slices, making it an easy, light salad to throw together that everyone will love. And since it's so simple, it's the perfect dish to pull out for some family holiday fun, too!

Get the full recipe at Education.com.

6. Serve Up a Heart(y) Valentine's Breakfast in Bed With Heart-Shaped Eggs in Toast

Tara Dennis

We think this is the perfect way to get your Valentine's Day off to a good start! How cute is this idea from Tara Dennis for heart-shaped eggs in toast? Once again, it's an easy, savory way to sneak some hearts and some not-so-subtle love into your day. And we're sure once you slide this onto their plate in the morning, your valentine will have a very special holiday indeed. TIP: Add ketchup for some red-hearted, savory goodness!

Get the recipe here from blogger Tara Dennis.


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