12 Romantic Candles

Sensuous candles add romance to any room or occasion.

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    Bundled Candles

    Light up the evening with this bright grouping of candles. It's easy to pull together this unusual centerpiece in a hurry.

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    A Leafy Link

    Feathery fern fronds bring different candles and photos into harmony with woodsy texture and hue.

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    A little Love Lite

    Float romantic candlelight on a sea of love with this fringed and gilded candleholder.

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    Container Candles

    Small containers used as candleholders make striking mantel arrangements or centerpieces when grouped together for a romantic evening.

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    Falling Leaf Candles

    Here's an easy-to-make candle that will add to an evening of enchantment.

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    Goblet Centerpiece

    Simple and beautiful, these mismatched goblets with votive candles make the perfect Valentine's Day centerpiece.

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    Wire-Wrapped Candleholders

    Whether presented in groupings or individually, these wire-wrapped candles will produce a lovely ambiance.

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    Glistening Goblets

    Create a magnificent light display with ball candles and glasses of different sizes and shapes.

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    Heart Candle Wreath

    Let this whimsical candle wreath set the mood for a Valentine's Day gathering or a quiet evening for two.

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