12 Romantic Candles

heart candle with flame
Sensuous candles add romance to any room or occasion.

Bundled Candles

Light up the evening with this bright grouping of candles. It's easy to pull together this unusual centerpiece in a hurry.

A Leafy Link

Feathery fern fronds bring different candles and photos into harmony with woodsy texture and hue.

A little Love Lite

Float romantic candlelight on a sea of love with this fringed and gilded candleholder.

Container Candles

Small containers used as candleholders make striking mantel arrangements or centerpieces when grouped together for a romantic evening.

Falling Leaf Candles

Here's an easy-to-make candle that will add to an evening of enchantment.

Goblet Centerpiece

Simple and beautiful, these mismatched goblets with votive candles make the perfect Valentine's Day centerpiece.

Wire-Wrapped Candleholders

Whether presented in groupings or individually, these wire-wrapped candles will produce a lovely ambiance.

Glistening Goblets

Create a magnificent light display with ball candles and glasses of different sizes and shapes.

Heart Candle Wreath

Let this whimsical candle wreath set the mood for a Valentine's Day gathering or a quiet evening for two.

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