Romancing the Home

RomanceYourHome_Fireplace more modern look with tan wall
Warm decorating touches will help you create a romantic atmosphere in your home this Valentine's Day.

Romantic Getaway

Contrasting textures imbue a bedroom with a romantic feeling. Here, chenille, satin, and linen achieve this effect. Antique furniture and warm accents cozy up to upholstered walls.

Concrete Love

Built with hand-chosen river rocks, this fireplace adds warmth and comfort to the home's decor.

Escape into the Suds

Help lessen the tension after a long day at work by relaxing in a romantic bathroom decorated with vintage drapes and accessories.

Drapes of Love

The use of fabric layers helps soften the hard geometry of a basic room and brings dimension to the space. By applying the fabric to the walls, you can give a room impact while hiding structural or furniture flaws.

Romantic Glow

Build a fieldstone fireplace into a wall of custom, glass-front built-ins made of cherry wood. Install accent lights to the mantel for an extra warm glow.

Enveloped in Comfort

Create a serene space by adding a writing desk, bookshelves, and a sitting area next to a cast-stone fireplace. This relaxing retreat adds character and warmth to the room.

Colors of Passion

Accent a contemporary fireplace with white-painted wood and brushed-stainless-steel hardware to add a passion of warmth to the small bungalow.

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