Pink Ceramic Trees Are the Newest Valentine's Day Decor Trend

Ceramic trees aren't just for Christmas anymore!

If you're not quite ready to take the Christmas decor down, you'll love our new favorite Valentine's Day trend. People are already converting their Christmas tree decor into Valentine's Day trees rather than taking them down right away. And faux evergreens aren't the only kind of pink trees we're seeing: Vintage ceramic Christmas trees have experienced a resurgence in the last few years, but the delicate ceramic figures aren't exclusive to yuletide decor. Pink ceramic trees can be repurposed for Valentine's Day decorations, and we are fully embracing it.

The color pink has made a big comeback in holiday space over the past few years. Millennial pink is one of the latest home decorating trends, and we saw the hue taking over Christmas decor this past season. The ceramic trees on the market this year weren't just green or white; many of them were available in pink hues. And according to Google, searches for 'pink ceramic tree' have increased by more than 50% in the last year alone. If you picked up a pink ceramic tree for Christmas, don't pack it away in your holiday storage bins just yet! As you decorate for Valentine's Day, incorporate the trees into your existing pink and red displays.

Looking to add to your tree collection? We've rounded up our favorite pink ceramic trees so you can start decorating today.

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Bright Pink Tree

pink ceramic tree with multicolor lights
Courtesy of Amazon

Make your Valentine's Day decor pop with a bubblegum pink ceramic tree. The 18-inch tree (also available in 12 and 24-inch sizes) holds a built-in star topper and multicolor LED lightbulbs. It comes with free 2-day shipping, so you can start decorating right away.

Buy It: Mr. Christmas Pink Ceramic Tree ($100, Amazon)

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Pink Tree Night Light

pink ceramic tree night light
Courtesy of Texas Hill Country Ceramics

We loved ceramic Christmas tree night lights at Christmas, and now there's a pink version. Finish off your Valentine's Day decor with this 5-inch nightlight, complete with pink lightbulbs and a light-sensitive automatic switch.

Buy It: Pink Christmas Tree Light ($20, Texas Hill Country Ceramics)

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Pink Tree Ornament

pink ceramic tree with pink bulbs
Courtesy of Etsy / TeresasCeramics

This tiny tree can be displayed as a stand alone decor piece or hung up as a festive ornament. The 3-inch ornament comes in three colors (pink, white, or evergreen) and your choice of pink, multicolor, or white lights.

Buy It: Mini Pink Ceramic Tree ($20, Etsy)

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Pink and Purple Trees

pink and purple ceramic trees
Courtesy of Etsy / TeresasCeramics

These wispy pine trees are available in both amethyst and pink, and come in three different sizes so you can mix and match your own winter scene. Available in 10, 12, or 14 inches, the trees come in amethyst and light pink.

Buy It: Modern Ceramic Tree ($50, Etsy)

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