Easy Ways to Display a Dozen Roses

Spread romantic flowers around your home for Valentine's Day or another special occasion with these three creative arrangements made from a single bouquet of red roses.

Rose Arrangement No. 1: Place Roses in a Compote Dish

Take the bulk of your bouquet (7-8 roses) and cluster the flowers in a compote dish, anchoring the stems with pebbles. To create a multilevel arrangement, cut the stems in varying lengths, and surround the roses with greenery for a bountiful look. Replenish the compote with water frequently to keep the flowers fresh.

Where to put this arrangement: This pretty arrangement makes a sweet and simple Valentine's Day centerpiece on your dining room table.

Rose Arrangement No. 2: Arrange Roses with Seashells

Tuck three roses in a seashell to make this pretty, low-lying flower arrangement. Set the shell on a flat dish and add smaller shells or pebbles surrounding the larger shell. To keep the arrangement fresh, fill the shell with water or place the stems in water-filled florist's vials.

Where to put this arrangement: This smaller rose arrangement will look great on a nightstand or an end table in your living room.

Rose Arrangement No. 3: Set Roses in Champagne Flutes

Place the final two roses (or however many you have remaining from the bouquet) in individual glasses, such as champagne flutes or goblets. To create an arrangement with visual interest, choose glassware in different heights and shapes. A layer of pebbles in the bottom of each glass will help hold the roses upright -- don't forget to add water daily!

Where to put this arrangement: Set this rose arrangement on your mantel or a shelf; it will look elegant on its own or as an accent to other seasonal decorations.

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