Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Paper Frog Cutout Valentine
Get the little ones involved in Valentine's Day festivities with our fun Valentine's Day crafts for kids! Help them learn how to make a paper flower bouquet, Valentine's Day cards, sweet treats, and more. These Valentine's Day crafts for kids are perfect for gifting to your loved ones this Valentine's Day.

It's Crafting Time!

Celebrate the sweetest holiday of the year with your little ones! They'll love getting involved in every aspect of the crafting process and you'll love seeing them get so excited about Valentine's Day.

Alphabet Crayon Melts

Don't throw away your broken crayons! Simply transform them into a kid-friendly love letter that they'll use again and again. To make, start by peeling the wrappers off the crayons. Break down the crayons to make melting easier. Place the crayons in a microwave-safe container with an inch of water. Microwave in bursts of 30 seconds. Use a spoon to dab the melted crayons into an alphabet candy mold. Scrape a thin spatula across the top of the mold to remove excess; let cool. Pop letters out and compose your message!

Candy Hearts

Fill hanging heart-shape boxes with sweets for your little valentines to enjoy. To make each box, trace three large same-size hearts on the back of 12x12-inch cardstock; cut out. Tape the three hearts together to create a cone. Glue two strands of ribbon inside the cone to hang. Fill with candy!

Valentine's Day Glasses

Your kids will love wearing these Valentine's Day glasses, and you'll love snapping an Instagram pic of your little one wearing them! Simply trace two connecting same-size hearts on a sheet of red or pink construction paper. Tape the paper to a red pencil and decorate with ribbon, baker's twine, and stickers.

Cross-My-Heart Pin

Give each of your kids' friends a homemade brooch to wear on Valentine's Day. To make, cut hearts from felt, about 3" wide by 2" tall. Stitch desired patterns onto felt with needle and silver thread, or use extra felt to create cute arrows cutting through the hearts. Sew buttons on to decorate, and glue a pin to the back of each heart to finish.

Cupcake Liner Flowers

Instead of red roses, arrange a cheerful bunch of frilly paper blooms with your kids this Valentine's Day. To make, create a loop at the end of a piece of florist's wire. Stack two mini cupcake liners and three regular-size liners, and use a needle to make a small hole in the center of each liner. String a mini cupcake liner through the bottom of the looped florist's wire. Add a bit of gel adhesive to the loop; push liner up and gather it at the center, adhering it to the glue. Repeat with remaining cupcake liners, gathering over the first. Wrap the stem with florist's tape.

Decked-Out Valentines

Let your kids' imaginations run wild while decorating their valentines with a full spread of creative embellishments. Set up a station on your kitchen table with buttons, ribbons, stickers, washi tape, and more! The kids will love getting free reign to decorate their valentines as pleased.

Secret Messages

This cute Valentine's Day crafts is an art project and fun activity all rolled into one! Simply cut hearts from white paper and write love notes on them with a white crayon before your kids get up in the morning. Hide the hearts in strategic locations, place a box of watercolors at the breakfast table, and let your little ones brush paint over the hearts to reveal the sweet Valentine's Day messages.

X-O-X-O Food Toppers

Sweeten your meals on Valentine's Day with our kid-friendly craft. Trace multiple Xs and Os from cardstock using letter scrapbooking templates; cut out. Tape or hot-glue each letter to a lollipop stick. Stick them in your kids' sandwiches, cupcakes, or other festive treats.

Lollipop Valentines

These oh-so-sweet lollipop treats double as kid-friendly valentines. Simply fold a piece of cardstock in half, insert lollipop inside, and embellish with store-bought scrapbooking stickers and messages. It makes a perfect valentine crafts to share with the kids.

Stamp Art Valentines

Watch your kids make their mark this Valentine's Day with help from a personalized stamp. Cut crafts foam-core board to 3x4-inches. Help your child write a note backwards in pencil, pressing deeply into the foam. (To make your message read backwards, write words on paper and hold up to mirror to see reverse text.) Brush a thin layer of paint across the surface of the foam, covering it evenly from edge to edge. Press and rub paper, label, or tag on top of painted foam, applying some pressure. Peel back and let dry. Repaint before each print, changing the color if desired. Attach the Valentine's Day crafts cards to small bags of candy or other gifts.

Adorable Frog Valentine

Cut paper into heart shapes to make our toad-ally too-cute frog valentine. To make, fold a piece of crafts paper in half, then in half again. Draw a half-heart against the folded corner, making sure it aligns with the folds. Cut out, unfold, and flatten. Cut out four legs -- two at an angle, and two straight. Punch six hearts and glue to ends of the legs as shown. Glue legs under the big heart, and bend larger legs in the middle. Cut out eye shapes and a tongue and glue in place.

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