These are our favorite Valentine's Day boxes for school—make them to hold classroom cards, sweet notes, chocolates, and other Valentine's Day treasures. 


Once you’ve crafted all the classroom Valentines, you’ll need a place to put them. These DIY Valentine’s Day card holders for school are seriously adorable—and they’re super easy. Even if you’re starting the night before your classroom exchange, we’ve got you covered with the easiest Valentine’s Day boxes.

Unicorn theme Valentine Box

Unicorn Valentine’s Day Box

This Valentine's Day card holder is one in a million! Our unicorn Valentine's Day box is a surefire way to make sure your kiddo stands out during the classroom card swap. Start with an appropriate-sized box; tape or glue all the flaps down and cut a slit in the top large enough for cards and candies. Cover the box in crepe paper and add a gold horn to transform an old cardboard box into a beautiful Valentine’s Day display.

Gnome Valentine’s Box

This gnome-inspired Valentine's Day box is ridiculously cute, and it looks so easy! To make your own, start with a rectangular tissue box wrapped in white paper. Use paper in different shades of red and pink to cut pieces for the gnome’s face and hat—we're totally loving the hearts on the hat! Get the full DIY instructions from Oriental Trading.

owl bag.jpg

DIY Owl Valentine's Day Bag

Make this precious owl-theme card holder for your next classroom Valentine's Day exchange. This project is seriously easy; your Valentine bag will be ready to be filled with goodies in no time. Use our free pattern to cut the owl shapes, then attach them to a basic white gift bag. In a few short minutes, your child will be prepared for a holiday that’s sure to be a hoot.

Get the free owl pattern

Pom Pom Valentine's Day Box

Sure, a heart-shaped paper maché box has a Valentine’s Day vibe. But add some red and pink pom poms and you take it to a whole new level. A crafts knife and hot glue gun are necessary, so you’ll have to help out your little one with this fun craft. Make sure there is enough time for the hot glue to dry before the party! Get the full how-to instructions from Design Improvised.

box decorated with monster face

Monster Valentine's Day Box

Rawr! To create a fun Valentine's Day monster that is more cute than scary, start with a shoe box and patterned wrapping paper. Cut a hole in the top of a shoe box, wrap the box like a Christmas present, and tuck the edges of the paper under the cut hole. Add cardstock shapes for the eyes and teeth—now he's ready to munch on those valentines!

“Bee Mine” Valentine’s Day Box

Reduce, reuse, and recycle your way to the most adorable Valentine’s Day card holder. Recycle a large oatmeal container and cover it in construction paper stripes. Doily wings, pipe cleaner antenna, googly eyes, and a paper conversation heart are the finishing touches you need to finish this seriously adorable Valentine's Day box. Check out the full DIY instructions from I Heart Crafty Things to make your own.

Valentine's Day fox treat bag.jpg

Fox Valentine's Day Treat Bag

Bring a wild friend along for the Valentine’s Day fun.  A heart-shaped face is the start of this sweet fox-theme treat bag. To make, cover a plain white gift bag in orange construction paper and use our free pattern to give your fox a face, ears, and tail.

Get the free fox template

DIY Unicorn Valentine’s Day Box

Turn an old shoebox into this year’s most magical Valentine’s Day box. To truly go all out, you will need felt hearts, gold fringe, crafts paper, ribbon, and yarn to decorate the unicorn body. Get the full DIY instructions from Design Dazzle.

DIY Floral Valentine Mailbox

You’ve got mail! A coat (or two) of acrylic paint is the first step to upgrading a blah paper maché box into a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day craft. Then, use your hot glue gun to add faux flowers. Get the full supplies list and DIY instructions from Design Improvised.


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