Special Valentines Moms Can Make for Kids

These quick and easy Valentine's Day projects are fun for adults and kids to work on together, too.

Bow-Tie Heart Card

This cute card is perfect for any loved one. Use decorative-edge scissors to cut out a white background. Then glue a rectangle of blue paper cut slightly smaller on top. Apply glitter to a heart cutout and adhere with hot glue. To complete the card, wrap it with a decorative ribbon tied in a knot.

Sweet Somethings

An arrangement of lollipop flowers with paper petals makes an eye-catching centerpiece. For each flower, fold colored cardstock in half to cut out six hearts. Punch a small hole near the tip of each. Insert a lollipop stick and arrange the six hearts on the stem, fanning out the petals. Arrange a few flowers in a vase as a bouquet and tie on a ribbon for an extra-special touch.

Decorated Heart Cookies

A well-decorated cookie will always hit the spot. Use multiple sizes of hearts and a variety of icing colors to maximize creativity. Use your favorite sugar cookie recipe, or tweak the traditional and try a fresh spin, such as Puffed-Heart Lemon Cookies.

Fortune Cookie

Try dipping store-bought fortune cookies in melted chocolate or almond bark, then topping them off with Valentine sprinkles for a ready-in-minutes treat.


A stack of colorful hearts unfurls into a festive mobile. Using decorative-edge scissors, cut two each of five sizes of hearts from cardstock. Sandwich a 3-foot length of ribbon between the matching pairs and glue them together. Decorate with more cutouts. Tie a loop above the largest heart so your kinetic creation is ready to hang and enjoy.

One Sweet Pair

Here's a clever way to give jewelry: Use a felted-wool heart to hold the jewelry in place, pop the heart in a paper muffin cup, and put it in a truffle box lined with paper. Find boxes and mini paper cups in the cake-decorating aisle of your crafts store.

Eye Candy

Give your kids Valentine's Day parfaits. For each parfait, thread each end of a piece of ribbon through the holes of buttons; knot behind the buttons to secure. Loosely tie ribbon around the top of a long-handled spoon so the buttons trail down the side. Set the spoon in a glass; fill with candies. (Note: Group parfaits to serve as a centerpiece for a fun family dinner.)

Paper Bouquet

Start with colorful cardstock, then add leaves and stems cut from green paper. Create blooming frames using paper muffin liners and special photos.

Pink Plate Special

Fix your child a pink and red meal with a valentine twist. Serve strawberry-flavored milk with a peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich cut with a heart-shape cookie cutter. Yummy!

Sack Lunch Surprise

Clip a sweet surprise onto your child's lunch bag. Use pinking shears to cut a scalloped border around red cardstock. Layer on a contrasting piece of paper and attach foil-wrapped chocolates with double-sided tape.

Valentine Mailbox

Any child would love gathering valentines from friends and family in this clever mailbox. There's just enough space inside to stash small cards and treats.

Love Notes

Tuck a homemade mini card into a lunch bag, a backpack, or anywhere else a loved one will find the surprise. Heart-shape paper punches and rubber stamps make mass production easy.

Two Heartfelt Bookmarks

For the red-and-cream bookmark, cut a rectangle shape out of cream-color felt and trace a heart on the back side; cut out with scissors. Glue the piece onto red felt and trim edges with scallop-edge scissors.

For the stitched bookmark, use disappearing ink to mark stitches, then do a simple running stitch with embroidery floss along the lines. Cut a heart from red felt to glue on the front.

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