Keepsake Rose Hearts

Fresh roses tucked together create an elegant gift or decoration.

What You Need:

Make this sweet heart for your sweetheart.
  • Typing or tracing paper
  • Floral oasis foam (available at crafts or discount stores, or flower shops)
  • Tacky glue, if desired
  • Water
  • Pie tin
  • About one dozen fresh miniature or small roses in desired color
  • Sharp knife
  • Fresh lemon leaves (available at flower shops)
  • Pins


1. Download the free pattern. (Downloading requires free Adobe Acrobat software.)

Keepsake Rose Heart pattern

Download Adobe Acrobat

Step 2

2. Trace pattern onto typing or tracing paper. Place the pattern over the oasis and cut out the heart shape. (Note: If oasis is not big enough, two pieces may be glued together.) Put water in the pie tin and soak the oasis in water for about 1/2 hour. Cut off heads of roses and place into the oasis, filling in space as tightly as possible.

Step 3

3. After the entire oasis is filled with flower heads, turn the heart on its side and pin lemon leaves around the sides, overlapping as needed. Continue until the oasis is entirely covered.

4. Place the floral heart on a glass or china plate or in a shallow bowl.

More Ideas:

  • For an everlasting version of this rose heart, use freeze-dried or silk roses.
  • To add a message to this romantic gift, write it on a ribbon using a paint pen and attach the small banner across the top.


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