How to Make Amazing, Last-Minute Valentine's Day Boxes for School

Your kids will love these unique DIY Valentine's Day mailboxes!
Foster 2 Forever

Nothing takes us back to the days of puppy love more than Valentine's Day. We remember our grade school years, waiting endlessly for candy grams and valentines to be distributed in our doily-covered desk mailboxes. Of course, as we grew up, Valentine's Day changed and with it new memories and traditions came to fruition. But one activity has never grown old: Receiving valentines from loved ones, family, and friends. We want to make sure this tradition is long-lasting, so we pulled together 8 DIY Valentine's Day mailboxes to spread the love this February. Check them out right now:

1. Baby's 1st Valentine: The Felt Box

Imagine Our Life

We love this one for a baby's first Valentine's Day. The felt mailbox is the perfect plush toy to practice all those years of love-letters that lie ahead, and the soft fabric makes it safe for even the littlest of hands.

Learn more at Imagine Our Life

2. Pure Love: Plain & Simple Cardboard Mailbox

Dream a Little Bigger

Our father always said, "Don't fix what isn't broken," and this DIY mailbox lives up to that idea. For a clean, classic look that impresses admirers of all ages, paint a simple cardboard mailbox with bright hues and heart shapes.

Learn more at Dream A Little Bigger

3. Crazy in Love: Monster Mailboxes

Giggles Galore

You probably don't think monsters and Valentine's Day go together, but these little fellas are far from scary. Decorate tissue boxes in crazy patterns and faces for letter-munching creatures your kids will love. This blogger has different intentions for the monsters, but we think Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion.

Learn more at Giggles Galore

4. No Frills Needed: This Love-ly Mailbox is The Real Deal

Little Red Window

This one is for all the realists. While the dreamers and the hopeless romantics are busy with glitter and stickers, make yourself this miniature post office mailbox. We promise nothing will please your logic-led heart more.

Learn more at Little Red Window

5. The (Love) Force Mailbox

Foster 2 Forever

You'll have stars in your eyes after seeing this amazing Star Wars-themed Valentine's Day mailbox. Complete with a Darth Vader mask and a powerful lightsaber, this DIY project will show the whole family the Force love can bare.

Learn more at Foster 2 Forever

6. Box Full O' Love: Morning Love is Back

Red Ted Art

Make hand-decorated Valentine's Day boxes for each member of the family. Using empty cereal boxes, personalize with doilies, ribbon, and pom poms before placing them on the backs of the kitchen chairs. In the morning, each person will wake to a box full of love!

Learn more at Red Ted Art

7. Love is Tricky: Puzzle Play Mailbox

Creative Treasures

If love is a puzzle, this Valentine's Day box is especially appropriate. Check out how this blogger easily turned a fun, childhood game into an adorable valentine mailbox. Bonus: You don't have to be a genius to figure it out.

Learn more at Creative Treasures

8. Back to the Basics: Love's in the Bag

Everyday Mom Ideas

It's the night before Valentine's Day, and your kid just informed you that they need to bring a mailbox to school for all their soon-to-be collected goodies. When you're in a pinch, this brown paper bag project is a life-saver!

Learn more at Everyday Mom Ideas


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