Heart-Shaped Valentine's Day Topiary

Make a heart shaped topiary tree for Valentine's Day this year. This project is a way to add some decor to your dinner table or home. Add this Valentine's Day decoration to your space to get excited for the special holiday.

Valentine's Day and roses go together like cupid and arrows. This DIY topiary is a creative way to showcase everyone's favorite flower. Make this Valentine's Day craft using dried roses and fragrant cinnamon sticks. Try customizing your heart topiary with a variety of dried flowers and embellishments. 

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What You'll Need:

  • 6-inch block of florist's foam
  • 6-inch clay pot
  • (3) 9-inch cinnamon sticks
  • 7-inch heart-shape plastic foam (Styrofoam) form
  • Miniature dried roses
  • Glue gun
  • 2-inch piece of hanger wire
  • Dried moss

Step 1: Trim foam

Wedge the florist's foam inside the pot, trimming as necessary to fit. We used a clay pot for a classic look but trying building your flower topiary in a painted vase or colorful container for an extra bit of Valentine's Day flair.

Step 2: Form base

Hot glue the cinnamon sticks together to form the "stem" of your topiary. After the hot glue is completely dry, use a bit of force to push the cinnamon into the center of the florist's foam. The cinnamon sticks should be deep enough that the rose topiary tree will not tip over once it is fully assembled.

Step 3: Add roses

Hot glue dried roses to heart shape. We applied the roses one full row at a time, starting at the point of the heart, and working our way around. For a more relaxed look, glue the roses without regard for rows. Just make sure that the entirety of the topiary heart is covered. 

Step 4: Attach top

Push one end of the wire piece into the point of the heart. The wire should not go all the way through the heart form. Push the remaining end of wire into the top of one of the cinnamon sticks. Secure with hot glue. Cover the base of the flower topiary tree with moss.

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