29 Valentine's Day Cards and Crafts for Everyone You Love

Make a heartfelt Valentine for your sweetie.

Paper Gourmet Bag Valentines with uncolored stickers
Photo: Marty Baldwin

Show your Valentine how much you care with a homemade Valentine's Day card or gift. We're sharing our best DIY ideas to help you make the holiday extra special. These easy-to-make Valentine cards are a sweet addition to any Valentine's Day gift, or you can use them to elevate a Galentine's Day celebration.

Our homemade gift ideas are a thoughtful way to tell someone how you feel. Make a heart-shaped succulent planter for your honey or dress up a store-bought bouquet with pink and red wrappings for your best gal.

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Decorated Gift Boxes

Pink perfume bottle drawings
Cody Guilfoyle

These perfume bottle-inspired candy boxes are a card and a gift all in one. Use our free printable designs to dress up clear plastic boxes filled with your favorite pink or red candies. Hand these out to all your Galentines this year.

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Valentine's Day Love Wall String Art

Love Wall String Art
Jay Wilde

Don't fear string art. It looks complicated, but it's actually not. This fun Valentine's Day decor project comes together quickly (even if you do it with kids). Choose lightweight wood as your base and paint or stain it in your color of choice. Trace a heart shape using a pencil, and stencil the outline of the LOVE or another word. Tap in nails along the lines of the shape and the word you've chosen. We spaced ours about ½ inch apart. Loop a thin yarn or string from nail to nail, across, up and down, and side to side, until you achieve the desired look. Be careful not to cross the letters.

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Fox Valentine

paper fox cutout valentine
Peter Ardito

This foxy card starts with two paper hearts. Because it only requires cutting and gluing, it's a great craft for kids. To make: Simply cut a large red heart and a small white heart from cardstock. Glue them together to form the face. Add paper ears and a patterned tail. Finish with black pom-poms on the face and add a sweet note.

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Galentine Gifts

white wrapped gift with paper hearts

Jacob Fox

Dress up your sweetie's Valentine's Day gift with these pretty heart toppers. To make them, cut out hearts of different sizes and fold them in half vertically so the edges pop up for a 3D look. Attach the hearts to the gift with a line of glue down the middle of each one and add a thin ribbon and bow.

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Heart Cake Pops

valentines cake pops candy cups
Constatine Poulos

Heart crafts don't get sweeter than this—make a big batch of Valentine's Day cake pops instead of the traditional card. Simply shape your favorite cake pop recipe into hearts and dip in pink candy coating. Pipe on a fun message.

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Covered in Candy

red and white valentine cards
Darcy Miller Designs

Use our free printable to print out these sweet 'love mail' cards on plain cardstock. Cut and fold the paper into the card shape, then use double-sided tape or adhesive glue dots to attach foil-covered chocolates to the front. Since the candies can be heavy, these are best for hand deliveries. If you do decide to mail them, add an extra stamp.

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String Art Cards

string art card

Kelsey Hansen

It can be hard to find a store-bought card with just the right message. Instead, create your own design by stitching a word or image on the front of a blank card. Then, write your own personal message inside. If you don't want the stitches to show on the inside flap of the card, stitch on a piece of cardstock that's slightly smaller than the card front and attach it with glue.

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Painted Mason Jars

diy painted vases

If you're giving flowers on Valentine's Day, add a simple vase to the gift. All you need to make these mason jar vases is two coats of paint (or one coat, if you want them to be a bit translucent). We mixed white paint with different shades of pink to create a variety of color pairings. For a touch of glam, cover the top of the jar with painter's tape before you paint to leave it clean and untouched. You can also cover the bottom with glitter spray paint.

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Crazy Straw Valentines

crazy straw valentine tags
Brie Passano

Turn a pack of heart-shaped crazy straws into a set of sip-able valentines with our free printable tags. The only DIY equipment you need is a hole punch for the top and bottom of the tag. Then slide the straw through. Pair with a favorite drink or a Valentine's Day drink recipe. If you're giving these out as classroom cards, be sure to write on the back of the tags before you thread the straw through.

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Heart-Shaped Decorative Wreath

heart wreath attached to chair
Kim Cornelison

Lightweight hearts punched from colored vellum and decorative paper combine in a sweet Valentine's Day wreath. Use punches (available at crafts stores) to cut the hearts from different lightweight materials. To give the hearts a 3-D effect, curl them by scraping the paper between your thumb and a butter knife as you would to curl ribbon. Glue the hearts onto a round wreath cut from cardstock (this keeps the decoration lightweight). Hang the wreath with ribbon.

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Valentine's Day Banner

XO valentine's day banner
Carson Downing

Whether you're decorating for the big day or looking for a simple kids' craft, make this easy Valentine's Day banner. All you have to do is cut X, O, and heart shapes from cardstock (we made ours from glitter paper) and use a hole punch and string to create the banner.

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Felt Heart Gift Topper

Felt Heart Gift Topper
Carson Downing

Wrap your Valentine's Day gift with extra flair. A pair of hand-sewn felt hearts makes a gorgeous gift topper and doubles as a keepsake ornament. No pattern is needed for these sweet toppers: Draw a heart shape on pink felt, cut it out, and use the first heart as a pattern for the second. Stitch the hearts together using coordinating thread.

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Hanging Succulent Heart Planter

succulent heart
Joseph Leaming

This Valentine's Day, say it with succulents and a handmade heart planter. This heart craft for adults can be made in an afternoon and makes a unique Valentine's Day gift.

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Valentine's Day Banners

kid hanging valentine's day banners
Lucy Schaeffer

Make a unique Valentine's Day decoration without spending hours crafting. You can make these fun banners from supplies you probably have at home. One banner is made with ribbon and playing cards (hearts only, of course). The other uses paper doilies cut and twisted into X and O shapes. If you don't have doilies, try white coffee filters.

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Paper Heart Decoration

Paper Heart Decoration
Lucy Schaeffer

Cover a wall with these gorgeous paper heart decorations. Simply fold colorful strips of paper into a heart and glue the sides together. Hang them from colorful ribbon for an easy Valentine's Day decoration in no time.

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Love Silhouette Valentine's Day Card

Love Silhouette Valentines Day Card
Marty Baldwin

The focus is on love with this simple silhouette card. Fold a piece of white cardstock in half. Cut a heart template from scrap paper and lightly tape it to the front of the card. (Don't press down on the heart, because you'll want to remove it later.) Mist the front of the card with spray paint, then remove the template. Let the card dry. Write "love" in cursive across the heart silhouette with a red paint pen.

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I Soda Think You're Cute Printable

soda bottle valentine card
Jason Donnelly

These free printable cards will let all of your friends know you find them soda cute. Give them with a favorite beverage using a hole punch and a bit of ribbon, and don't forget to add a festive paper straw.

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Stamped Muslin Candy Bags

Stamped Muslin Candy Bags
Cameron Sadeghpour

Give your loved one their favorite treat in a personalized muslin bag. You can stamp or paint any image onto the front of the bag, and as long as you put a piece of cardstock in the bag before you begin, it won't bleed through. Remove the cardstock and let it dry before you fill it with candy. This is a great gift to make en masse for the office or for a Valentine's Day party.

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Paper Heart Garland

Paper Heart Garland over mirror
James Carriere

Easily craft this paper heart garland for a quick Valentine's Day decoration. Trace and cut out seven hearts from different colors of cardstock or scrapbook paper. Punch two holes about 1 inch apart in the center of each heart. Thread a festive ribbon through the hearts and hang the garland from a mantel or mirror.

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Conversation Cookies

Valentines Stamped Cookies
Johnny Miller

This sweet Valentine's Day gift combines baking with crafting. The way to add these sweet messages to your sugar cookies is surprisingly simple: use food dye as ink and regular stamps! To make this project even easier, skip the cooking and purchase sugar cookies instead.

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Bubble Valentine Tags

DIY Printable Gifts Bubbles
Brie Passano

Kids will love this fun DIY project that makes the perfect classroom valentine. Pair individual mini bubble containers with our free printable tags and give them as classroom valentines or use them as favors for a Valentine's Day party.

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Personalized Mugs

Personalized Valentines Mugs
Kritsada Panichgul

These personalized mugs are made using permanent marker pens on plain white mugs. To preserve your designs, bake at 350°F for 30 minutes. Don't wait for the oven to preheat before you put the mugs in; instead, let them warm with the oven. Add treats to your mug before you gift it.

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Patterned Hearts Garland

Paper Heart Garland over mirror
Cameron Sadeghpour

Craft a pretty garland made of hearts to hang on your headboard or mantel for Valentine's Day. Cut two sizes of hearts from different colors and patterns of fabric. Join the pairs using iron-on adhesive, which also makes them stiff enough to hang. Punch small holes in the sides of the hearts and string them along red ribbon.

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Paper Heart Card

paper heart valentines card
Lucy Schaeffer

Making a pop-up Valentine's Day card is easier than you think. Once you've made a paper heart, you're almost done. Start with a blank greeting card and a slightly smaller piece of cardstock. Fold and cut the cardstock so that it makes a smaller insert. Cut your heart from the middle of this layer, then cut a heart out of patterned paper. Lay the cardstock heart layer on the blank card and secure with glue. Using glue dots, secure both sides of the colorful heart over the silhouette.

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Felt Bookmarks with Heart Shapes

Felt Bookmarks with Heart Shapes
Cameron Sadeghpour

Handmade bookmarks suit bookworms, and they're fun and easy to make. For the cream-and-red bookmark, cut a rectangle shape out of cream-colored wool felt and trace a heart on the back side, then cut it out. Glue the bookmark onto red wool felt and trim the edges with scallop-edge scissors. If you like, punch a hole through the top and attach a loop of red embroidery thread. To make the stitched bookmark, use disappearing ink to mark the stitches and then stitch along the lines using embroidery floss. Cut a heart from red felt and glue it on the front.

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Embellished Heart-Shaped Candy Box

Embellished Heart-Shape Chocolate Box
Quentin Bacon

Personalize a box of chocolates for your sweetheart by decorating a purchased heart-shaped box with fabric and buttons. Cut patterned fabric to fit the top and sides of a candy box, and glue on buttons, paper hearts, or other items.

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Heart-Shaped Pillows with Pocket


The pocket on this adorable heart-shape pillow is the right size for a love note. Cut two hearts from fabric. Cut a square in a contrasting color. Sew a square to the top, leaving the top edge open. Layer the pieces, right sides together. Sew them together using a ¼-inch seam allowance and leaving a 4-inch section unsewn. Turn the pillow right side out, stuff it with cotton batting, and whipstitch the gap closed.

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Heart-Shaped Valentine Mailbox

Heart-Shape Valentine Mailbox
Jason Donnelly

Keep your cards together in a heart-shaped hanging. Cut a large heart from red cardstock to use as your base. Glue punched cardstock circles in a darker shade of red to the back of the base, to create a scalloped look. Use a border punch to create decorative edges on narrow strips of patterned paper. Glue those strips to a triangle of paper glued to the base (which forms your pocket). Insert two eyelets in the base. String ribbon through the eyelets to hang.

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Pop-Up Hearts Card

Pop-Up Hearts Card
Greg Scheidemann

Send your love "out" to someone with punched hearts that stand out against bold circles. Use punches to create the shapes. Glue the circles onto the card using foam dots for a 3-D look.

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