Who doesn't love a sweet little owl for Valentine's Day? We turned a plain white gift bag into the cutest paper owl using colored paper and glue. Learn how to make this darling DIY owl Valentine's bag for your little ones. We have included a printable template to easily make patterns for the colored pieces of paper. You'll love this as a Valentine's party card bag or as a gift bag!

By Alice and Lois
January 09, 2018

You'll have a hoot making this adorable Valentine's Day treat bag. Get the kids involved in the creation of their own owls. You can simplify the process by having the supplies cut and ready to go. Let them glue their bags together and add fun embellishments. They'll have the cutest treat bags in class! 

What You'll Need:

  • [button-pdf id="551435" title="Printable template" /]
  • Colored and patterned paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • White gift bag measuring 8.5 inches by 5.25 inches 

Step 1: Cut pieces


Download and print the

free template

. Cut the pieces out of the template. Trace pieces on colored paper and cut out. We used various shades of pink with gray accents for our owl, but you can use any color scheme you like! Try making a woodland owl with shades of gray, brown, and yellow.

Step 2: Add base


Start by gluing the top piece of patterned paper. This should cover the top third of your bag. Next, glue another piece of patterned paper on the bottom portion of bag. This should cover the bottom two-thirds of your bag. We chose a coordinating scheme of polka dots and stripes.

Step 3: Assemble body


Glue the large heart onto the bottom piece of patterned paper. This forms the body of your owl. Add the two wings just above the heart so they overlap both pieces of patterned paper. Want to include even more detail? Add cut paper feathers to each wing.

<strong>Get our free paper feather template! </strong>

Step 4: Add details


Complete the owl by adding the face. Glue the beak between the two wings to cover the patterned paper seam. Add the eyes and ears to the top of the bag. Finish by gluing on the feet. Glue them on the bottom of the bag and fold them so they sit flat when the bag is open. 


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