Castle Mail Holder

Use this castle for Valentine cards collected at school, and then keep it on your desk at home to store special notes and letters received throughout the year.

What You Need:

You'll have the coolest Valentine box in class.
  • Square tissue box
  • 4 paper towel tubes
  • Red poster paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Black pipe cleaner
  • Black, red and pink construction paper
  • White glue
  • Scissors


Steps 1 and 2.

1. Create castle parts. Trim four paper towel tubes so that they are 3 inches taller than the tissue box. Cut eight evenly spaced, 1-inch-deep slits around the top of each tube. Fold in every other tab to form turrets. Cut a door and windows from black paper. Cut hearts from red and pink paper for the door and flag. Cut a pink triangle flag and write your name on it.

2. Paint turrets and tissue box.

3. Assemble the castle. After the paint dries, glue the turrets to each corner of the box. Glue on door and windows. Glue red heart to flag and pink heart to door. Glue flag to one end of pipe cleaner, and glue pipe cleaner on one side of castle.


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