How to Celebrate Valentine's Day in a Long-Distance Relationship

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Feel close to your partner this Valentine's Day even if you're miles apart. We have creative ideas for mailing a sweet surprise, planning a long-distance dinner date, the most meaningful way for sending your special someone flowers, and creating lasting memories.

Send Your Long-Distance Valentine a Kiss

We know it's not the real deal, but chocolate kisses are still pretty sweet. Send a small bag of treats, or tuck a few into a care package. 

Deliver a Favorite Food

If you can't make your special someone a home-cooked meal, go for the next best thing -- delivery! Order a favorite meal and have it sent straight to their door. Bonus points if you find a heart-shape pizza. 

Learn how to make an adorable scratch-off card for Valentines' Day.

Make a Scratch-Off Card

This cute gift adds extra oomph to an ordinary card. Your significant other will scratch off a special surprise to give him something extra to look forward to on his next visit. 

Mail a Sweet Surprise

Homemade cookies are a surefire way to show someone you care. Stash them in a pretty (yet practical) package to ensure your treats don't turn to crumbs. 

Make "Open When" Letters

Give a gift that will last all year. "Open when" letters give your S.O. a personalized note whenever they need it most. Write down short letters, quotes, or memories, then tuck them inside an envelope. Label each letter with instructions, such as, "Open when you miss me," "Open when you need a laugh," "Open when you're sick," etc. 

Cook the Same Dinner

Enjoy a fancy Valentine's Day dinner together by cooking the same dish. You can each treat yourselves to a fancy meal, like lobster tails or filet mignon, then have a dinner conversation over video call. 

Watch a Movie Together

Set up a time to sync-watch a favorite movie or TV show over a video call service. You'll be able to see each other's reactions to the movie and chat about what's happening.

Have Fresh Flowers Delivered

It's a classic move for a reason. Send someone lucky in your life a bouquet of fresh blooms. 

DIY String Art

This DIY looks impressive but is actually simple to make. Personalize the gift by adding your initials or outlining the states you live in. If you're both giving gifts, plan to open them at the same time.

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