Valentine’s Day isn’t the only holiday in February spreading the love. There’s also February 13, aka Galentine’s Day. 

By Andrea Crowley
January 30, 2020
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If you’re a fan of Parks & Recreation, you know Galentine’s Day is more than just a fictional holiday created by Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope. Since its debut in a 2010 episode, the coveted holiday made for ladies celebrating ladies has been recognized every year since. While Knope and her lady friends celebrate brunch-style, we thought of some fun alternatives. Whether you're looking to book an epic weekend away together or host a casual girls' night in, use these ideas to inspire your own Galentine's Day celebrations.


Feeling fancy? Opt for afternoon high tea filled with bottomless blends like rose and violet or mint green tea, plus indulge in a plethora of sweet and savory bites. Throw in some good conversation with your inner circle and you’ll be dining like royals in no time.

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There’s no shortage of entertainment when you opt-in for a night of karaoke with your favorite girls. Celebrate this special day by forgoing the usual dive bar and booking a room at your local karaoke lounge for some serious star treatment. No local spot? Transform your living room into a song-ready stage with an inexpensive at-home karaoke machine. 

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No one holds you accountable like best friends. Start Galentine’s Day off right by crushing your workout together in a group fitness class. Recommend your go-to class with a favorite instructor or try something new altogether—spinning, barre, boxing, you name it. Either one you choose, it’ll be a fun way to get out and moving.



Up for an adventure? Grab your gear and hit the slopes. February is prime time for skiing, and what better way to celebrate than with thrill-seeking friends and fresh powder? After your final run, warm up with some post-slope drinks by the fire. 

Editor's Tip: Don't live near mountains? Many metropolitan areas have an artificial ski slope or indoor ski arena near them. Check your local Convention & Visitors Bureau for more information.


From Japanese hot pot to shrimp boils and Korean barbecue, tons of interactive dining experiences await. New to the cook-it-yourself scene? Here’s the gist: you and your crew sit around a table with a big grill or stove in the middle, ordering family-style ingredients that you prepare right on the spot. 

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Forget the movie. This year, score tickets to see a new artist or comedian. Whether it’s a local singer-songwriter or Ali Wong, a concert or comedy show will make for the ultimate girl's night out. Look to mobile apps like Gametime to see what’s happening in your area.


We all have items hiding in our closets or in bags that we’re just waiting to get rid of. But before you go dropping them off at a consignment shop or try selling online, offer to host a clothing swap with friends. (Even better if it’s complete with brunch and mimosas!) Chances are they’ve also got stuff they’re ready to retire and will enjoy shopping for items that won’t cost them a thing.

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If you and your friends are Dancing with the Stars fans, a salsa dancing class may be right up your alley. Grab some comfy shoes (and maybe a pre-class cocktail) and get ready for a night to remember. Whether you lead or follow, a salsa dancing class is sure to be story-worthy.


True friendships, like wine, just keep getting better over time. Cheers to your friendships with an afternoon of wine or champagne tasting. Whether you’re a group of aspiring Sommeliers or just enjoy a good glass of cab, conversing over wine is the perfect way to celebrate. Head to your local tasting room or create your own signature flight at home by having everyone bring a bottle of their all-time favorite vino.

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Food tours have been trending for the last few years and with good reason. Not only do they involve taste-testing your way through the local food and beverage scene, but each stop comes with a story that contributes to your city’s culture. Book through a professional tour company (check out sites like Eventbrite) or create a tour of your own by trying each course at a different spot.


This Galentine’s Day, channel your inner Jennifer Garner and get cooking! There are tons of classes to choose from. Try your hand at sushi or stick to classics like pasta and pie-making. Have a friend who’s an expert in the kitchen? See if they’ll walk everyone through one of their favorite recipes right at home!


You know that day trip or "ladycation" you’ve been talking about for ages? Now’s the time! Spend a day with your best girls checking off your bucket list. Whether it’s cruising down the coastline or finding the best thrift shops in the big city, you’ll never regret spending quality time with your crew.

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Inspiring and calming, pottery-making is sure to nurture your creative side. The wheel throws quite a spin on things, but once you get the hang of it you’ll be cranking out bowls, plates, and mugs to your heart’s content. There are even inexpensive at-home pottery kits available. Any extra creations can double as thoughtful Galentine’s Day gifts.

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