13 Fun Ways To Celebrate Galentine's Day with Your Best Girls

Valentine's Day isn't the only holiday in February spreading the love. There's also February 13—aka Galentine's Day. 

If you're a fan of Parks & Recreation, you know Galentine's Day is more than just a fictional holiday created by Amy Poehler's character, Leslie Knope. Since its debut in a 2010 episode, the holiday made for ladies celebrating ladies has been celebrated by women all over the world.

While Knope and her lady friends typically celebrate brunch-style, we'll be planning all the virtual and at-home events this year to comply with social distancing guidelines. We've thought of some fun Galentine's Day alternatives to help you celebrate your best gals safely.

Whether you're looking to binge-watch trashy TV shows at a virtual movie night or host a virtual game night, use these ideas to inspire your own Galentine's Day celebrations.

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Take a Virtual Cooking Class

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This Galentine's Day, channel your inner Jennifer Garner and plan a virtual cooking date! There are tons of classes to choose from. Try your hand at sushi or stick to classics like pasta and pie-making. Have a friend who's an expert in the kitchen? See if they'll walk everyone through one of their favorite recipes right at home via Zoom.

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Do a Wine Tasting

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True friendships, like wine, just keep getting better over time. Cheers to your friendships with an afternoon of wine or champagne tasting. Whether you're a group of aspiring Sommeliers or just enjoy a good glass of cab, conversing over wine is the perfect way to celebrate. Book a professional virtual wine tasting, or simply have everyone pour a bottle of their all-time favorite vino before getting on a Zoom call.

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Have Afternoon High Tea

Slow Cooker Spiced Green Tea
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Feeling fancy? Opt for afternoon high tea filled with bottomless blends like rose and violet or mint green tea, plus indulge in a plethora of sweet and savory bites. You can easily make this a virtual event by asking everyone to prep their favorite tea before hopping on a Zoom call together. Throw in some good conversation with your inner circle and you'll be dining like royals in no time.

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Have a Karaoke Night

virtual karaoke
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There's no shortage of entertainment when you opt-in for a night of karaoke with your favorite girls. Just because you can't book a room at your local karaoke lounge doesn't mean you can't partake in this classic girls night event—you can easily host a Karaoke night on Zoom!

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Try a Fitness Class

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No one holds you accountable like best friends. Start Galentine's Day off right by crushing your workout together in a group fitness class. Recommend your go-to virtual class with a or try something new altogether—spinning, barre, boxing, you name it. Either one you choose, it'll be a fun way to get out and moving. When the class is over, recap via video chat.

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Take a Virtual Dance Class

virtual dance class
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If you and your friends are Dancing with the Stars fans, a dance class may be right up your alley. Grab some comfy shoes (and maybe a pre-class cocktail) and get ready for a night to remember. There are dozens of virtual dance classes to choose from, so you can opt for anything from salsa to hip hop.

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Plan a Virtual Gift Exchange

gifts wrapped with brown kraft paper, ribbon, labels, and small gifts
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Who says gift exchanges are just for Christmas? This year, plan a white elephant-style gift exchange to help your long-distance besties celebrate Galentine's Day. Set a price limit, arrange a Zoom call, and start swapping gifts!

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Find a Virtual Concert or Comedy Show

virtual concert
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Forget the movie! This year, see a new artist or comedian instead. Whether it's a local singer-songwriter or Ali Wong, a virtual concert or comedy show will make for the ultimate girl's night out.

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Host a Virtual Game Night

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While an in-person board game night isn't advisable this year, you can organize an insanely fun virtual game night for your besties (or make it a couples event!). Whether you play trivia, charades, or an online game, this at-home activity will be fun for everyone.

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Try Pottery Wheel-Throwing

virtual pottery
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Inspiring and calming, pottery-making is sure to nurture your creative side. The wheel throws quite a spin on things, but once you get the hang of it you'll be cranking out bowls, plates, and mugs to your heart's content. There are even inexpensive at-home pottery kits available, so you can make this a virtual event. Any extra creations can double as thoughtful Galentine's Day gifts.

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Host a Clothing Swap

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We all have items hiding in our closets or in bags that we're just waiting to get rid of. But before you go dropping them off at a consignment shop or try selling online, offer to organize a clothing swap with friends. Chances are they've also got stuff they're ready to retire and will enjoy shopping for items that won't cost them a thing. Rather than having everyone over for an in-person event, create a Facebook group where everyone can post photos of the clothes they no longer want—then, each person can comment on the items they like and arrange no-contact drop-offs.

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Host a Virtual Movie Night

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If your ideal Galentine's Day consists of lounging on the couch with your best girlfriends and watching trashy TV or sappy rom-coms, not to worry. Hosting a virtual movie night is easier than ever with this Netflix Party plug-in. Have everyone download the app, then queue up your favorite movie or show and the plug-in will make sure everyone is streaming simultaneously.

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Take a (Virtual) Trip to Disney World

splash mountain at disney

What better way to experience the happiest place on earth than with your best gal pals? And best of all, you can do it from the comfort and safety of your own couch this year. There are dozens of video tours you can watch online, and even videos that'll make you feel like you're on the rides.

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